I Spit On Your Corpse (1974)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Sexploitation, Softcore Sex Film
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Al Adamson Al Adamson
Georgina Spelvin Georgina Spelvin
Susie Ewing Susie Ewing
Rosalind Miles Rosalind Miles
Preston Pierce Preston Pierce
Kent Taylor Kent Taylor

3.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: January 16, 2005
A group of imprisoned females are brought out to the middle of nowhere to do some hard labor. Sandra (Georgina Spelvin) conjures up a plan with the other prisoners to get away from the three poorly armed police men that brought them out there. Everything goes as planned as Sandra takes off through the bare rocky hills to be picked up by Erica (Rosalind Miles). Erica bring her to the boss, Joe (Kent Taylor), who gives her and Erica a mission to find and kill someone who has been threatening him. Sandra figures that the best way to get to him would be through a prostitute, Dona (Susan McIver), he visits regularly. They trick her into giving the man a pill that's suppose to put him to sleep. When he's knocking out, Erica and Sandra will come in, take some photo's and then leave.

Dona freaked out when the old man had a heart attack from the pill she gave him. After the two mobsters left, she gets on the phone with one of her friends to tell her that she's in trouble and needs a place to hide. She mentions one of her cousins in Mexico. What Dona didn't know was that Joe had one of his lackeys tap her entire home. The next morning when Dona starts heading out, she's followed by the two mobsters. While trying to run the girl off the road, they manage to crash into a tree. They're now stuck there with a busted radiator. Dona makes her escape, but shortly pulls into a gas station. A woman confronts her about getting a ride into Phoenix, but Dona declines as she's in too much of a hurry. So while Dona's in the bathroom, the woman steals her car.

Meanwhile, the mobsters manage to get a car to pull over on their way by. They kick the bejeezus out of the guys and then steal their car. They too stop at the gas station, but Dona sees them ahead of time and ducks out in the bathroom. Instead of the mobsters asking for the girl, they ask about the car. The employee points them in direction the car went, but they drove off before he got a chance to tell them it was stolen. The mobsters quickly figure it out as they catch up to the stealer. They find out that Dona is still at the gas station from the woman as they head back to the station. An old man comes into the gas station to offer Dona a ride into town. While the two of them are on their way, they pass by the mobsters. One again, the mobsters find out shortly after when they reach the gas station once again and talk with the employee.

He mentioned stopping by the old mans place first just incase he didn't go straight into town. Sure enough, the man does decide to take a stop home first. He would eventually take her into town, but first she was to have sex with his mentally handicap son. With no other choice, she heads outback to do the deed. The son begins to start crying soon after they take off their clothes, just because he has no idea what's going on. Dona comforts him with a few words, then takes off in his fathers truck. Shortly after being on the long road, it runs out of gas and a man she ran into at the gas station, Chuck (Preston Pierce), crosses her path. They team up and head out into the hills to camp for the night.

When the mobsters arrived at the old mans house, they were furious beyond believe that they had once again missed Dona. They bring the old man and his son with them as they try to hunt down Dona on the road. They do find his truck, but obviously no Dona. They make plans to stay the night at the old mans house and begin hunting once again when the morning arrives. When morning comes, Dona and Chuck begin driving out to the main road, but manage to begin at the same time as the mobsters. The car chase ends when Dona and Chuck end up at a dead end. They begin running up the rocky hills before the two mobsters can arrive. It's now up to Chuck to get Dona to safety and take care of her before the mobsters get the chance to.

Georgina Spelvin was an adult actress at the time she got the role for this film. She managed to do an alright job with the acting, even though she's use to doing as much, just not in the same manner. Rosalind Miles had the same effect as a mobster, even though she had more experience in the real movie industry. Everyone else kept up to par, good enough to not make me want to turn off the film. Which seems to happen a lot with insanely old and small budgeted films that fit into the action/drama genre. There's a fair amount of frontal nudity from the females. Which I suppose is making up for the weak killings. Like when the lady that stole Dona's car gets shot. Sandra is on top of her while the lady is fighting to get away. Erica ends up shooting her and the lady just stops moving. No hole her body to be spotted, but blood all over her face.

Though there was one really good death that was great even though it also had the same effect outcome. Sandra has the old man's boy come outside and she starts getting very flirtatious with him. Him having less than half a brain has no idea what's going on. She eventually pulls down his pants and she gets on top of him (sex is happening). Right before he's about to climate, she picks up a gun and shoots him in the head. No blood, no hole, beyond great. Sure it's been done before in other movies with different positioning, but it's just something that's not expected in this one.

Some of the scenes get long and drawn out like most of these older films. The car chasing scenes and gun shooting scenes always seem to be the worst and this one is no different. Dona and Chuck are running up the hills from the two mobsters. They all duck behind a skimpy bush. He fires, hides. Erica fires, hides. Chuck and Dona start running, Erica and Sandra start running until they find some more bushes. No one gets shot the entire time. It's a let down and a big yawn. Even with all the boring action, it stills finds itself to be a good movie.

Final Conclusion: 5/10
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