Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1990)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 62%
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Rick Gianasi
Rick Gianasi
Susan Byun
Susan Byun
Bill Weeden
Bill Weeden
Thomas Crnkovich
Thomas Crnkovich
Larry Robinson
Larry Robinson
Review by Christopher
Added: January 17, 2005
The time has come for a new chosen one to take control of Kabukiman as the current older has grown too old to hold such a great task. There was to be a ceramony for the Kabukiman powers to be passed on, but a derranged killer slaughtered the upcoming chosen one and his family. The ceremony continued without knowing that the chosen one wouldn't be there. The same fellow who shot the chosen one was at the ceremony ready to kill the current chosen one and gain the Kabukiman powers. Thankfully Detective Harry Griswold was there to prevent that from happening. But in his heroic act, the chosen one passes the Kabukiman onto him. As the powers start to take effect, Griswold finds himself wearing kabuki face paint and a komono.

Police Captain Bender caught Griswold wearing such and had a discussion with him about it the next day at work. Griswold was also shown the killer that confessed to the killing. When he tried to tell Bender that wasn't the guy, Bender shut the case and sent him to tell the chosen one's granddaughter, Lotus, the good news. She tried explaining to Griswold what had happened to him and what he'll be faced with in the near future. He blew her off and went to talk about the man funding the ceremony, Reginald Stuart. Once in Reginald's office, he gives Griswold the same speach that Bender gave him. Not having much evidence to connect Reginald Stuart to the murder at the ceremony, he had but no choice to leave empty handed.

Griswold later met up with fellow detective, Connie LaRosa. They had planned to do a little jogging in the park. On their jog Connie begins telling him about all the dirt she has on Reginald Stuart and a reverand that have been up to no good. Connie decides to head out on her own while Griswold took a rest. Shortly after, she was mauled by a group of Reginald Stuart's goons. While being beaten and raped, Griswold comes to save the day as he turns into Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. and lays down the law. He fights off the enemies by shooting chopsticks out of his sleeves and impaling people with them. Blowing massive winds with a sensu (Japanese fan) and pushing the enemies back. Shooting sushi from his sleeves into peoples mouths. Along with several other silly, but invintive ways of killing.

When the battle ended, he met up with Lotus at a restraunt. Still trying to convince him about his powers, he gets distracted by a message on the television from Reverand Snipes. The same reverand that LaRosa was telling him about in the park. He ignored Lotus' help once again and made his way to Reverand Snipes. Trying to turn into Kabukiman so that he can get his revenge, he fails due to his lack of knowledge on how to use his powers, and ends up turning into a clown. Reginald Stuart's goons just happened to be there with Snipes at the time and immediately started chasing after Griswold. During the chase they manage to crash a few cars, a childrens birthday party, and a tricycle. The chase ends as they crash into a laundrymat. One that Captain Bender was at.

Griswold was suspended that same day by Bender. Knowing the only way he could get back at Reginald and Snipes was to learn the ways of Kabukiman. Lotus gladly took him in and had him suffer through several painful tasks. Such arranging colored wheat into seperate piles while hanging upside down and being hit with a bamboo stick in his nether regions. After Griswold gets fed up with it all, he starts to quit and go home. He's quickly stopped by Lotus as she tries to reason with him. They end up getting in a fist fight, Lotus wins and gets him to keep on the Kabukiman training. He ends up catching on insanely fast and is now ready to face Reverand Snipes and Reginald Stuart.

Ridiculous would be the perfect word for every type of section in this movie, and it's nothing short of great. It's in no way of a serious storyline and the film makes it perfectly clear that it's in no way trying to make it that way. The few mentioned killings above were quite nice. Such as the chopstick impaling. All the chopsticks that were stuck into the victim were surrounded in blood to the point where if someone were to get stabbed with a junk load of chopsticks, that's exactly what it would look like. Another killing that took place later in the film was when a pimp and his hoe were fighting and Kabukiman rolled them up into a sushi roll, then chopped them to bits with his sword. Trash cans were filled with blood, arms, legs, and sushi. Very appetizing.

Rick Gianasi (Harry Griswold) and Susan Byun (Lotus) (the main stars, obviously) did the best job of their acting. They didn't put a pause after every word or be insanely goofy with their rolls. They acted like any two would act in a situation such as the one they were faced with. Even though this was during the time of Kaufman's (director) 'gearing torwards a younger audience' stage, he still made a really fun movie that will most likely never get old. Which seems to be a pretty safe bet since this is one of the few movies I've had for several years and have watched a countless number of times. Even in this stage of Kaufman's carrer, he still threw in his must have movie features. Which are blood and boobs. Even though there wasn't tons of either in there, there's still enough to please.

Final Conclusion: 10/10
Ginose #1: Ginose - added 09/30/2007, 09:45 PM
This movie is hillarious. One of my favorite Troma films ever made, probablly one of my favorite superhero films ever... I'm gonna go watch it... 9.2/10
bluemeanie #2: bluemeanie - added 10/03/2007, 06:00 PM
Dreadful. Interesting storyline, but horrible acting and execution. I know that's kind of what Troma is all about, but I just can't get into it. It doesn't even seem to me like they do self parody very well. 2/10.
Shakes #3: Shakes - added 01/22/2009, 11:42 AM
Completely retarded piece of cinema. I love it. 7/10
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