Psycho A Go-Go (1965)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Al Adamson Al Adamson
Roy Morton Roy Morton
Tacey Robbins Tacey Robbins
Kirk Duncan Kirk Duncan
Tanya Maree Tanya Maree
John Armond John Armond

3.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Crime Thriller, Sci-Fi Horror, Thriller
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Review by Christopher
Added: March 28, 2004
Roy actually plays a roll as one of the three criminals that rob jewelry store. While escaping from the robbery, the man holding the jewels throws them in the back of a truck. The trucks owner comes and drives away from the scene with the jewels still in the back. He's followed by one of the robbers. Later on, the robbers and their boss go to this mans home and tear it apart looking for the jewels. When they aren't found and don't believe the man when he tells them he doesn't know where they are, the robbers go after his wife and kids.

All of the killings were so horrible looking. When someone would get shot, they would hold whatever part that got shot, then fall to the ground and that would be it for them. No bullet hole, wound, blood, nothing. Just a holding and then death. For a movie like this, there's usually some nudity. It doesn't matter in most cases, but it would have helped this movie a bit. The actors didn't that good of a job with the acting. For an example, one of the guys got shot in the chest. When he got up, he started limping like one of his legs were broken.

The beginning of the film was decently paced. Even though it was boring, there was something about it that made me keep watching. But the last half hour was a doozy. The wife that was gone after eventually escaped the criminal that was holding her and her daughter captive. They were both in vehicles driving off and at least five minutes was dedicated to their panning back and forth to their faces as they're watching the road. Then when they get to a dead end, it's twenty minutes of the two girls running while the crook is trying to catch them. The movie would have been better if it were much shorter.

Final Conclusion: 4/10
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