The Hall Monitor (1999)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 56%
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Dan Kashwood, the Hall Monitor of Rocky Mountain High School, maintains law and order with excessive force and a .44 Magnum. But now a mysterious student is killing the football team - one player at a time. Now it's up to Dan to apprehend the murderer before the team ends up playing their next big game at the morgue. --TMDb
Ursula Abbott
Ursula Abbott
Sean Crouse
Sean Crouse
Charles Dumas
Charles Dumas
David Ehgartner
David Ehgartner
Matthew Faison
Matthew Faison
Review by Christopher
Added: January 21, 2005
Rocky Mountain High School has your fair share of everyday school kids. A gun wielding hall monitor, a carrot for the school mascot, the most popular girl being driven to school in a limousine on a daily basis, the usual. Vo-Tech, the class where all the unpopular and rebellion kids spend their day, takes notice to such and decides to do something about it. Since the high school is shitting on them, they're going to do the same to the high school. While the leader of Vo-Tech is in one of the high school's restrooms taking part in what he said he was going to do, the hall monitor pays him a visit. The hall monitor rips the kid out of the stall. The kid convinces the hall monitor to let him wash his hands. The kid sneak attacks the hall monitor and begins running down the hall. The hall monitor takes out his .44 magnum and put a stop to the kid by putting a bullet wound through his leg.

After stopping the rule breakers for an extreme amount of time with his magnum, the principle finally confronts him about it. One more use of the magnum in a non-emergency situation and it will be taken away. Back in class, one of the kids sitting next to him decides to start cheating off of the hall monitor. Once the hall monitor catches him, he brings out his magnum and shoots the kid. The principle has but no choice to take away his gun. Soon after, one of the football players is found dead due to being choked with a jockstrap. The only clue left behind was a picture of the victim that read "K.I.T." meaning "keep in touch."

Vo-Tech is now back on the scene and in full force. They stop the hall monitor when he's by his lonesome, just before they attack him, the janitor walks by and yells at the kids. Vo-Tech's leader isn't to proud of that as he sends the biggest man of the team after him. The janitor's cleaning cart gets away from him and begins rolling down the halls. Him and Vo-Tech's tough man begin running after each other. With the tough guy gone, the hall monitor takes action and begins to beat up the remaining Vo-Tech team. After the brawl, another football player is found dead. This time suffocated by a sports cup. The principle demands that the hall monitor takes a part in everything that the football team does so that he can keep an eye on them.

Which didn't help too much because it was soon after when another football player got killed, via cleated shoe to the head. It was after this killing when the hall monitor was taken off the case since he wasn't helping at all. The hall monitor's only hope to restore peace in the school is to see the guidance counselor and acquire a gun from him that he promises the hall monitor. The killer managed to make his way to the counselor first and got the gun. The consoler set-up an act that would get the killer a chance to talk to the entire school, since that's all he really wanted. But what he didn't know is that the hall monitor would get his gun back and show up to ruin his fun.

As silly as the movie sounds, it's actually pretty bland. Only a few gun shots here and there, the majority of them weren't shown. The football killings didn't require any sort of harsh violence, so there was no blood to be had. No crazy looking monsters or special effects were called for. And a really calm style of comedy through out it all. Yet it still manages to entertain. The guy playing the hall monitor had a bad boy persona that seemed a bit forced, and the ending really brings that to light even more. None of the characters stood out from each other. There wasn't just one student or teacher that was great or terrible. Everything blended together nicely.

Final Conclusion: 6/10
Cryptorchild #1: Cryptorchild - added 02/28/2007, 11:39 AM
I really enjoyed this movie. And even though there's hardly any violence or blood, it's still entertaining. Really diferent than most Troma films. But yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.
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