2019: After The Fall Of New York (1983)

DVD Cover (Shriek Show)
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After a nuclear war, society breaks down into two groups, the evil Euraks and the rebel Federation. A mercenary named Parsifal is hired by the Federation to infiltrate New York City, which is controlled by the Euraks, to rescue the only fertile woman left on Earth. --IMDb
Michael Sopkiw
Michael Sopkiw
Valentine Monnier
Valentine Monnier
Anna Kanakis
Anna Kanakis
Romano Puppo
Romano Puppo
Paolo Maria Scalondro
Paolo Maria Scalondro
Review by Christopher
Added: January 22, 2005
After the nuclear holocaust, society breaks down into two major groups, Euraks and the Rebel Federation. The film begins with the Euraks and a small number of men left from the holocaust battling it out. During the battle, the survivors are also combing the land for the contaminated humans. They must be destroyed so they don't become contaminated as well. Now in another part of the world, a mercenary named Parsifal is in a destructive car battle that has all sorts of bets placed on it. Once the battle ends with Parsifal as the victor, he redeems his price. Three licenses to kill and a woman slave. On the way out of their current location, they find three men dying of nuclear contamination. Parsifal puts them out of their misery and gives the woman the death licenses. With such licenses, all of the victims belongs become your own. So now the woman has a place to stay, away from Parsifal.

While Parsifal is taking his leave, he's soon abducted by members of the Rebel Federation. He's given a mission by the leader commander to seek out and bring back the only fertile woman on earth. It's the only way the human race will be saved since the nuclear holocaust damaged all the surviving females to not be able to procreate. To accomplish this mission, Parsifal will receive a spot on the ship that will be leaving earth when it comes completely obsolete. He's supplied with two men. Bronx, who has his own revenge he would like to have on the Euraks from making him watch them kill his family and leaving him with a robotic claw for a hand. And Ratchet, the strongest man in the Rebel Federation. Now it's up to the three to sneak into what little is left of New York and bring back the woman.

Having to travel through the sewers to reach New York, the place they end up at is sort of like a junkyard. Inhabiting such a place are the Harlem Hunters. The Hunters quickly attack the three men. Once they are fought off, they make their way back into the sewers, only to find the Rat Eaters. As they're making their way through the sewer, they see a little boy run by. It ends up being a midget by the name of Shorty. When they try to kill him, the three from the Rebel Federation come to his rescue. Unfortunately, they loose the battle and the midget runs off. While chained up in a corner, watching the Rat Eaters feast, a group of Euraks barge into their lair and slaughter them. All the women are kept alive and thrown into a prison. Ratchet manages to get away while Bronx and Parsifal are taken as prisoners.

Bronx is questioned by Eurak Commander about the Rebel Federation. Bronx ends up stabbing the commander's eyes out with his claw. That landed him in a torture room. If he wasn't to talk, then his limbs would be ripped out of his sockets due to a machine they hooked him up on. In a few rooms down laid Parsifal. Strapped onto a table, he's shortly released when a Eurak Officer, Ania, sets him free. When he explains the mission to her, he says that her people have the fertile woman in their prison. It was one of the women (Giara) that they capture during the Rat Eaters fight. When he points out Giara, Ania has her sent to the lab to see if she really is the one. When the tests came back negative, Ania has her tested again. But by that time, Parsifal already freed both Bronx and Giara.

While leaving the facility, Bronx stayed behind and fought off some enemies, but was soon killed by Ania. They're soon surrounded by the party waiting for them outside. Ratchet makes his comeback and helps the two fight off the Euraks. Once more start to arrive, Shorty makes an appearance and helps them out by bringing them to where all the other shorties live. The Euraks end up finding them after a short period of time and begin killing them by streaming a large pitched sound through out their place of stay. The four manage to escape. Shorty informs them that he knows where the last fertile woman is. On their journey there, they are once again stopped by the Euraks. Only this time they're saved by Big Ape and his ape-human companions.

Once the two groups explain themselves to each other, Big Ape goes with the four so that he can find the fertile woman and live on through his children. Once finding the fertile woman, they see that the only way to get her out of New York is with an old station wagon. But it's going to need some extra armor to be able to break through the Eurak's lasers and other weapons. Parsifal, Ratchet and Shorty all go to the surface to scrounge up some parts to sheild the car. During the hunt, two Euraks come around. Shorty sacrifices himself by running out into the open and getting captured by the Euraks while Parsifal and Ratchet make their escape with the pieces they need. Now all they have to do is survive the mess they are about to drive through.

All of the landscaping you see through the film is easily caught as being toys made to look like the real deal. But they end up looking really neat. The little gore there is ends up being pretty funny. Like when Big Ape is in the back of the station wagon and one of the Euraks shoots him in the arm. He uses the other arm to throw his pirate sword at three Euraks standing shoulder to shoulder. All three of their heads come with the one throw. The bleeding looked nice, but the actual head decapitation was pretty lame. Another example would be when the Rat Eater leader got his head blown off by one of the Euraks. It showed a part of his face being blown off and it looked nice.

Acting was better than average for most everyone. There was a few characters in the Rat Eaters group that were quite corny, but they don't play in important role so they're easily forgotten. While on the subject of the Rat Eaters, during their first scene of walking through the sewer, they were killing mountains of rats. Real live rats. Sure they're the rat eaters and they eat rats, but showing them stab numerous amounts of rodents one after one was ridiculous. Given I do like the occasional animal killing, but it really didn't fit the movie, nor did it need to be repeated several times. Other than that, the movie was damn good. By far one of my favorite, if not my favorite post-nuke film.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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