Fat Girl (2001)

DVD Cover (Criterion Collection)
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Overall Rating 68%
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Anaïs Reboux
Anaïs Reboux
Roxane Mesquida
Roxane Mesquida
Libero De Rienzo
Libero De Rienzo
Arsinée Khanjian
Arsinée Khanjian
Romain Goupil
Romain Goupil
Review by Christopher
Added: January 23, 2005
Anais and her sister Elena are two teenagers on vacation with their parents. As they're walking through the town they decide to stop some where to get something to drink at a restaurant. While looking for a seat, a man by himself offers them a seat. He introduces himself as Fernando. After a few minutes talking with Elena, they begin making out. When leaving the restaurant, Elena leaves Anais behind while her and Fernando drive off to an unknown destination. It's made to seem as if they're going off to have sex, but that's not what ended up happening. Though it's not told what happened either.

A day later, Fernando is at the sisters vacation house, along with their parents.While getting ready to dine, Elena makes a big fuss about how Anais eats so much and how fat she is because of it. Anais thinks nothing of it since it happens all the time. Later in the evening while the two are sleeping, Elena wakes up to put lipstick on. When Anais wakes up, she's informed that Fernando is sneaking over and that she needs to mind her own business while he's there. Fernando thinks he's going to get laid during the night, but his hopes get crushed when she tells him that she's a virgin.

Fernando begins trying to convince her into having sex with him. Telling her all the love it brings and what not. He convinces her to let him have his way with her via anal. He said it doesn't count since she won't really lose her virginity. After that happens, they go to sleep. In the morning when he tells her he has to leave, he tries to get her to pleasure him orally. She denies the request because Anais might wake up and she doesn't want to her to see that sort of thing. While he continues to tell her she's sleeping, Anais begins yelling at them about not being able to sleep all through the night because of their ruckus. Elena slaps her for spying on them and Fernando begins to leave.

Elena catches him before he leaves and tells him the next time they meet, she'll have sex with him. She starts to go down on him to show that she's serious and he puts a stop to it since they're outside. He finally takes his leave. That same morning, Anais is having a swim until her father sends Elena to bring her inside to eat. Their father begins complaining about how unhappy everyone looks after he worked so hard to be able to afford this vacation. Though it's quickly coming to an end for him as he packs up his things and flies back home to meet with a bunch of his business associates.

Anais is now tagging along to the beach with Elena and Fernando. While the couple goes off on their own, Anais sits by herself in the water while singing a song. She takes off her dress when coming in and hangs it on a large fallen tree. She makes herself a little hole in the sand and begins urinating in it. Fernando and Elena walk right up to her while she's doing it and they don't know what to think. Back at home, with Fernando gone, the sisters begin talking about why they like and dislike each other. Elena wants to show Anais a secret. She pulls out a ring she received from Fernando. An engagement ring so they don't have to worry about such things later in life.

Once Anais goes to bed, this would be the night Elena loses her virginity to Fernando. While the two are going at it, Anais is in her bed with her back turned to the two, crying. Two don't speak to each other for the entire rest of the day. Anais eventually takes a swim in the pool while Elena stays inside watching television. Fernando's mother comes knocking and invites herself in. She informs the sisters mother that Fernando gave Elena one of her rings. After the ring was given back, the vacation ended. The three were on the road back home. When the mother got tired, she stopped into a rest stop. That stop would show an ending that kicks your fucking face in.

If I went on to flash spoilers about how the film ends, there would be no point in watching it. I was informed that the ending was crazy long before I got the chance to watch the film. But even the small heads up didn't prepare for what happened. No matter what genre of film you're into, this movie is a must see. But about the actual features through out the film. Good acting and everyone's part. Anyone that had a small role even played it well. Anais had a really nice singing voice, which isn't to common in foreign films. Not much to complain about, it was a pretty straight shooting drama film.

Although there was one part that took so long to get through. That would be when Fernando was trying to convince Elena to have sex with him. The scene had to last over twenty minutes of him just repeating how great it would be to have her love him the way he loves her. Even though those type of long scenes are common for the genre, suppose I'm just not use to it. A pretty good paced film even with nothing exciting going on. A simple tale about two rival sisters that are completely different that ends in complete chaos. It pains me greatly not to want to talk about the ending, but once one watches the movie, they'll be glad I didn't ruin it.

Final Conclusion: 9/10
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 05/24/2005, 11:44 PM
I watched this movie awhile ago, not really knowing what it was about, and it turned out to be one of the best foreign films I've ever seen. A must see for the avid movie watcher.
Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg #2: Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg - added 06/28/2007, 01:49 AM
To reiterate what's mentioned in the review, this certainly does have "an ending that kicks your fucking face in."
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