I'll Kill You... I'll Bury You... I'll Spit On Your Grave Too! (2000)

DVD Cover (Bayview Entertainment)
Genres: Horror, Slasher Film
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Thomas R. Koba Thomas R. Koba
Alex Black Alex Black
Tom Caladan Tom Caladan
Scody Garbedis Scody Garbedis
Ann Gfell Ann Gfell
Kit Hadley Kit Hadley

4.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: March 01, 2005
Getting the movie started, we find two lovers (played by Gail O'Keefe and Tim O'Keefe) in an RV starting up a love-making session. The two look quite similar in appearance, so I really hope that it's just a bizarre coincidence and that the director didn't actually have a brother-sister duo involved in a sex scene, but anyway. It doesn't take long before a chainsaw-wielding man shows up and offs these two crazy kids, and we then fast-forward to modern time, twenty-five years later (AKA sometime in the eighties). The local college has bought the property that these murders occurred on, and a group of college kids have decided to move in for the summer in order to do some research. Ben (Don Ray) is the head scientist of the group, and along with him, he brings the slut known as Shelly (Alex Black) and her photographer boyfriend John (Tom Caladan), the nerdy Lisa (Jennifer Proctor), and the average-Jane Terri (Kit Hadley). The group set up shop inside a house located on the property, and it doesn't take long before a person wearing a camouflage outfit shows up and starts to wrack up a body count. Could it be the grill cook (Scody Garbedis) from the gas station, the guy who angrily tells his waitress to shut up when she mentions the killings to Ben? Or how about the college-kid hating sheriff (Tim O'Connor), getting his revenge for having his own shotgun pulled out on him by Terri? Maybe it's Bob (Mike Noble), the blonde guy that Shelly shagged at the gas station? Perhaps it's Peterson (Dennis Stokes), the crippled guy who owns the property next to the teens? Or could it be the one person that you'd least expect?

Here we have another low-budget slasher that was supposedly made in 2000. All of the credible sources I looked through stick to that date, but I'll be damned if it was made any later than 1985. The clothing, the music, the lingo... it's pure eighties cheese. If this movie was indeed made just five years ago, I have got to hand it to the director for flawlessly pulling off the setting and mood of the eighties. Regardless of when the movie was actually filmed, it turned out to be pretty decent... much better than I had expected after viewing some of the other releases from Eden Entertainment. While this movie was far from a classic and didn't really bring anything new to the eighties slasher genre, it did stick to the ground rules of the genre (T&A, inventive kills, ample bloodshed, the infamous "I'll be right back" line, shocker of an ending). Now, I'm a fan of this genre when it's done right, so my review for this particular film may be giving it more credit than it deserves. If you're not a fan of that style of film or haven't watched much of it, you may want to consider dropping two or three points from my final score when contemplating whether or not to give this one a viewing.

Things move along at a nice, brisk pace once the movie gets started around the twenty-minute mark. Up until that point, we're introduced to the characters, we get to watch Shelly have sex with the gas station attendant, and then we bare witness to a whole lot of driving and a whole lot more rain. These scenes are tedious to get through, but after the arrival at the old farm house, things pick up for the better and continue at that pace until the end. After this point in the film, not one scene goes by where we're not watching a sex scene, mindless T&A, or the murderer chalking up another victim. There's not a whole lot in the way of storyline progression until the very end when all is revealed, but that's to be expected from this style of film, and as I mentioned above, I do enjoy a good eighties slasher film.

As I also mentioned up above, this is a low-budget offering. It's not exactly the shot on handi-cam with a hundred bucks type of low-budget, but it's far from having been an expensive movie to produce. With that said, however, the director does manage to do a lot with what he's given, the cast pulls together to do an adequate enough job with their characters, and there's some very nicely done kill scenes to be found here. In the midst of some of these death scenes, that budget issue does rear its ugly head... yes, some of the effects used are very obviously rubber appendages or red dye mixed with some water to create blood. This doesn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the film, however, unless you're one of the types who nurses from Hollywood's teat and can't stand to watch a movie shot on a budget of no less than twenty million dollars. We get an expected stabbing kill or two, but we also get some nice kills that haven't been done quite as often... a person gets crucified, another gets impaled high up on a wooden post with a crowbar, and the ending... well, the ending was quite nice, though I don't wish to spoil it.

This one's worth the rental if you're a fan of those eighties slashers. If you're not a fan, you'd most likely want to avoid this one unless you enjoy lots of bloodshed, loads of boobs, and little in the way of storyline. My standard slasher disclaimer applies here (knock off two or three points if you're not a fan), but my personal final rating would be 6/10.
Symx #1: Symx - added 02/04/2005, 06:49 PM
Cant wait to see the review of this one, looks like that W.A.R movie
HAVOK2000 #2: HAVOK2000 - added 06/21/2010, 05:55 AM
I have this on VHS from P.I.F Films International and it was released in 1995.
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