Caliber 9 (1972)

DVD Cover (Italy)
Genres: Action Thriller, Crime, Crime Thriller, Poliziotteschi
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Fernando Di Leo Fernando Di Leo
Gastone Moschin Gastone Moschin
Barbara Bouchet Barbara Bouchet
Mario Adorf Mario Adorf
Frank Wolff Frank Wolff
Luigi Pistilli Luigi Pistilli

7.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: February 01, 2005
Milan, Italy has a money scandal going down which involves five people. The first four are transporting the money through out the town, the fifth brings it back to his car where it's checked. When the bag is opened, the money isn't there. All blank sheets of paper are in place of where the money should be at. Three of the transferees are beaten by the Americano's, who are the ones that planned the scandal. The three that were captured declined any knowledge about the money being stolen. The three were taken out to a deserted area and then taken care of by two of the Americano's. The fourth man was taken to jail for a bank robbery before the Americano's could get to him.

Three years later, when Ugo was released from the jail, one of the main Americano's (Rocco) was there to greet the man. Ugo was driven to a junkyard where he was beaten and continued to ask him where the money was that he stole. After telling them he didn't know, they informed him that Americano wanted to see him in person. They took his I.D. card, along with his prison release forums. After leaving him in the junkyard, Ugo took a trip to the police station to gain another I.D. and forums. The chief there tried to strike a deal with Ugo, but he refused and went on his way after receiving what he needed.

Ugo found himself a motel for the night, though he was soon interrupted by Rocco and two other Americano's. They broke into his hotel room, started harassing him, then started to tear up the place, hoping to find the money he stole. After finding nothing, they tell the hotel manager to call the police because there's a man destroying everything in his room. The next morning, Ugo takes a trip to the police station where he's confronted about the motel destruction. Ugo ignores it and is once again propositioned about helping out the police so they can get to Americano. He refuses once more and then makes his way to an old friend, Chino.

Chino is asked for protection by Ugo, but is let down because such actions would be against the rules. Chino's house is then broken into by the three usual Americano's. Chino begins to battle with them, Ugo jumps in as they win the battle. Chino's suggests that Ugo goes to see Americano. He takes his advice and does just that. Ugo is offered a job to start working with Rocco. Ugo accepts. To get his mind off of a few things, he goes to visit an old girlfriend by the name of Nelly. Nelly takes him in and gives him a place to stay. After doing a few jobs with the Americano's, things start to get rough once he is forced to attack Chino for basically no reason.

When the time comes to fire, Ugo doesn't shoot. Rocco does and ends up hitting Chino's father, killing him. Americano is convinced that Chino and Ugo are working together, Ugo manages to convince him other wise. Still being with Nelly, she tries to convince him to leave for Beirut. He can't because the Americano's would kill him. Chino plans to take care of that out of revenge for his father. During a party the Americano's are having, Chino crashes it by breaking in and shooting almost everyone. Ugo is witnessed to the whole thing and even picks up a gun to help Chino. With the Americano's out of the way, he'll be able to leave for Beirut. He finds things aren't that simple shortly after he leaves the crime scene.

For being made at the beginning of the seventies, the film has its nice share of violence. Only three people show signs of blood after getting shot. Out of the twenty that get shot, it's a bit of a let down. A few more killings that don't call for blood are very nicely done. Sadly I can't get into any of them due to it ruining the best parts of the film. One of the mysterious explosions actually happens at the beginning of the film. Which results in a very excellent and great way to open the film. The story was well-bred as some parts were taken from a book called "I Centodelitti". Those melded a little with Di Leo's large ideas.

Each character was nicely done due to not have a large story behind each one of them. Everyone played their part as if it was really them. Very little happened story wise, it really stuck on just getting the money back from Ugo. But a lot managed to happen. Several different scenes and locations were visited. There wasn't any scenes that just took entirely too long to get through. The movie had a fast pace to it due to that. Its ending wasn't terribly shocking, but it did give a little kick. The movie actually gets interesting to the point where you can't really think about how it's going to end, but what's about to happen next, and then how it's going to be taken care of. A very interesting film.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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