Cube (1997)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
Genres: Escape Film, Psychological Sci-Fi, Science Fiction
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Vincenzo Natali Vincenzo Natali
Maurice Dean Wint Maurice Dean Wint
David Hewlett David Hewlett
Nicole de Boer Nicole de Boer
Nicky Guadagni Nicky Guadagni
Andrew Miller Andrew Miller
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Review by Christopher
Added: February 07, 2005
The cube is a giant man made structure that has thousands of different rooms and has seven different people go through it for some sort of experiment. Alderson is the first man in. He starts investigating each room until he chooses one to go into. A quick noise zooms by as Alderson stands perfectly still in awe. Pieces of his body then begin to fall off as the contraption that made the noise is revealed. It's a thin metal net, dripping with blood. With the first man down, the next five are introduced as they each find each other one at a time. Quentin, a police officer. Worth, an unknown factor at the beginning. Rennes, a fugitive that knows a thing or two about escaping places. Leaven, a female school student. Holloway, a female doctor.

Out of the number of doors in each room, only one leads to a room that isn't a trap. The traps are triggered by motion sensors hidden in the walls. Rennes has the idea of throwing a shoe into each room. If something happens to the shoe, the room isn't safe. That plan soon fails after he steps into a room that shoots him in the face with acid. They continue to use the shoe bit for awhile longer until Leaven starts to notice each room being labeled with three sets of numbers. She figures out that all the prime numbered rooms aren't prime are traps, judging from the last few they visited and the current one they're in.

When the prime number plan leads Quentin into a room that almost kills him, that plan goes sour. It's around that time when Worth reveals the reason he's there. He's an architect. The architect of the outer dimensions of the cube. Still being at a dead end, the group starts to back track. During such, the last person of the experiment comes crashing in on them. Kazan, a victim to a handicap called autism. Even though he seems useless, the group continues to bring him along. Still continuing the back track, it dawns on Leaven that the room numbers aren't meant to be prime or not, but equal to latitude and longitude of the cube.

Worth tells about all the details he knows of the dimensions of the cube and with that information, Leaven figures out almost everything about the cube. The most important in which is how to get out. The room they end up in has a door that leads to the outside of the cube. Holloway is lowered down to see if there's a way out. Unfortunately the outside is miles and miles of nothing. While Holloway is being pulled back up by Quentin, he lets her fall to her death. Claiming she slipped, the four left in the group are now clueless on what to do next. That is, until Leaven and Quentin get into an argument about math and Kazan interrupts by showing not to be completely useless.

Only one scene takes place outside of the cube and that's when Holloway is checking it out on the outside. Other than that, is all happens inside the cube. Every room is the same except for the color and the traps they have. I find it extremely difficult to maintain interest in films that take place in little to no diverse environments. But this film is very unique from the start. It has a very strange feel to it and it keeps you thinking about everything. It takes awhile for the important characters to adapt into their uses. Like Leaven and her smarts for math. Worth for actually knowing about the cube. Then Kazan's surprising knowledge about factors. Each is built up to the point where it seems like they are screwed, then it's revealed there's something else to try. That keeps going until the film credits roll.

Every character has something interesting about them and is potrayed as proficiently as possible by the cast. The deaths in the film were showed in detail as they were happening, or very gruesome after the atrocity took place. There wasn't a whole lot of action through out the film, but the story and events kept the suspense growing larger and larger. There was a lot of arguing that took place with all of the characters which normally ends up being completely useless for the story. But after ever argument here, it leads them to a new discovery about each other or the cube. Nothing happens in the film that doesn't later add up to something. Everything happens for a reason, in other words. Most movies seems to be lacking that quality in the recent years. A definite must see for any science fiction fan.

Final Conclusion: 9/10
Ginose #1: Ginose - added 12/31/2005, 08:17 PM
10/10... This movie was so freakin' awsome! I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for a second.
doney #2: doney - added 08/19/2007, 01:14 AM
finally saw this movie last night, 9/10 i'd say, gonna watch the next two tonight, see how they go
effin #3: effin - added 11/29/2007, 11:40 PM
I don't know whether it was because i was apart of a government think tank or not, but this movie really scared the shit out of me, really, some of the stuff is a little far fetched, but some of it wasn't. The acting in it was alright, Love the first five min of the movie, its on my net-flix queue right now.
Chad #4: Chad - added 08/25/2008, 07:31 AM
I loved how all of the characters were basically "even" in the eyes of the viewer - most movies would give you a main character, a secondary character, and a handful of fillers, but with this film, everyone seemed equally important and you truly didn't know who was going to live past the next scene. My only real complaint is that I thought the ending could have used a little work, but with a story like this, it's going to be damned difficult to come up with a conclusion that will make the audience happy. Still, great movie, 9/10.
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