Immortal (2004)

DVD Cover (First Look Home Entertainment)
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi Action, Science Fiction
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Enki Bilal Enki Bilal
Linda Hardy Linda Hardy
Thomas Kretschmann Thomas Kretschmann
Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Rampling
Yann Collette Yann Collette
Frédéric Pierrot Frédéric Pierrot

6.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: February 18, 2005
There's a large Egyptian pyramid floating above the city of New York in the year 2095. Two ancient Egyptian gods are held in this pyramid and are judging a lesser god, Horus. Horus goes out into the city to prove himself to the gods. While he's on the hunt for a suitable human to store himself in, an unknown girl with blue hair and white skin is captured by a sort of police group. She gets saved by one of the researchers who goes by the name of Elma. She wants to study her so she can find out what she is. When she is put back into the world, she visits the last person she had memory of, John. He tells her about a job Elma offered her. His only advice to her was to take it, and that she did.

By this time, Horus has gone through seven human bodies and has rejected them all. He comes across a prisoner that tried escape from jail, Nikopol. He had been frozen for quite some time and was still awakening when Horus found him. Nikopol had his leg ripped off during the escape, so Horus makes him a new one out of a piece of railroad track. Horus then begins to use Nikopol's body as his own. They go to a bar to discuss the next step in Horus' plans. He's to find a woman that has blue hair and white skin. Not long after, Jill walks in and heads upstairs, which is where John is at. He informs her on what little time he has left on the planet. She becomes afraid and John tells her to cry whenever need to relieve the pain.

When she returns downstairs, she's greeted by Nikopol. She turns him down several times until Horus takes over. He manipulates her into bringing him to her apartment. When they arrive, he rapes her. The next morning, she wanders the city to find John. She tells him about the man she met. He starts to tell her about how she's becoming more and more human. Back at the apartment, Horus starts to tell Nikopol a little more about his plans. It seems as if he needs to impregnate her. Nikopol tries to decline the plan, but has no other choice but to go through with it. On Jill's way home from visiting John, she's once again captured by the police.

Jill tries to fight against the men, but is quickly controlled and strapped to an operating bed. Before they can do any more damage to her, Horus floats through the aircraft and kills them all. He brings Jill back to her apartment and erases the memory of what just happened to her. Not long after, Nikolos and Jill start to get intimate with one another. But when she feels his iron cold leg, she gets frightened. Horus then takes over and rapes her once again. The next day, Nikolos explains to her how he has split personalities and that's who's raping her. She ends up believing it and has sex with him once more.

While Jill is sleeping during the next morning, Horus comes out and begins to tell Nikopol full story. Jill is a very special girl, special because she's the only one that can give birth to a god. Horus takes his leave and returns to the pyramid. The two in the apartment get attacked by a dilock, which is a large shark-like creature that traveled through the water drains to come out of the bath tub. John breaks through the wall with a car and takes them away. With all of Jill's stages complete, she's one step away from becoming a woman human and losing her entire memory once more.

Many more characters are in the film than mentioned above. Most of which are computer generated. A lot of the movie revolves around computer generation. This film manages to uphold a fantastic vision on the computer generations, along with the real characters and backgrounds. Which is very nice to see since most movies with the majority being computer generated are only concerned with just that. The acting is normally below average and has a boring story. This certain story was loosely based on the comic books "La Foire Aux Immortels" and "La Femme Piege", which Enki Bilal had created. The story is about a god who has to prove himself worthy to the other two gods. So he impregnates a female to bring forth another god.

Superb characters that all know how to act very well. All the computer designed images were nicely done, especially the backgrounds and places that were visited. The dilock that attacked the two at the end of the movie was amazing. When it was pouring into the bath tub, its skin was like acid and was melting the tub. Then it flew through the air and attached itself to buildings to hide. It resembled a hammerhead shark, but completely red with several tentacles and very evil looking. Jill's blue hair would have electricity flowing through it several times, and even run through a tear or two.

The only down fall of the film was when the gods would talk to each other. They spoke in Egyptian and there was no subtitles. It was hard to grasp why Horus went out into the world at the beginning of the film because of such. During the end when he returned to the gods was also pretty confusing because of my lack of knowledge in the Egyptian language. Though not even something like that took any points off of the film. This is definitely one of the better science fiction films to be made as of late. A very gorgeous look into what possibly could lay ahead in the future.

Final Conclusion: 10/10
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