Ghost Delivery (2004)

DVD Cover (Tai Seng Entertainment)
Genres: Horror, Horror Comedy, Supernatural Horror
Piroyan is a not your typical young man. He has supernatural powers. He also runs a ghost-lending business from home. People go to Piroyan when they need a ghost to haunt someone for them. Things go smoothly for this enterprising young man until he lets loose Ratree, a sexy female ghost, by mistake. Ratree is so appealing, she has men and demons battling over her. --DVD
Tiwa Moeithaisong Tiwa Moeithaisong
Soraya Alam Soraya Alam
Joey Bazoo Joey Bazoo
Ananda Everingham Ananda Everingham
Somrak Khamsing Somrak Khamsing
Chalad Na Songkhla Chalad Na Songkhla

3.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: February 19, 2005
Piroyan (Ananda Everingham) possesses supernatural powers and can communicate with the dead, so he uses these powers to run www.pheerok.com, a website that specializes in ghost deliveries. For a price, you can contact our good man Piroyan and he will send one of the ghosts that he has under contract out to the person of your choice in order to scare the shit out of them. When Piroyan receives a request from a customer to have a fresh-faced, ultra-scary ghost do his bidding, he hits the streets in order to find just the right ghost to do his bidding for him. Along the way, he meets a female ghost who has been dead for over a century, who introduces herself as Ratree (Carla Porter). Piroyan doesn't have time to talk to this lady, and leaves her behind in his search for the perfect ghost... however, Ratree follows him around town, and eventually, a romance ensues between the two. After an unsuccessful search for the right ghost, Piroyan returns to his home... only to find out that almost all of the ghosts that he had under contract (and that subsequently lived with him) have disappeared, with only one ghost-child left behind. The child explains that some evil ghosts invaded the home and took away all of Piroyan's ghosts. As he's explaining things, three evil ghosts appear out of nowhere and kill the child... Piroyan recognizes the ghosts as being the property of Chinorot (Chalad Na-Songkhla), the owner of a competing site known as www.ghostkey.com that focuses more on evil intents and abuses the ghosts that they have under contract. Piroyan sets out to reclaim his ghosts, develop his relationship with Ratree, and finish off the long-standing feud between himself and Chinorot once and for all.

Although it's not very obvious from the description of the movie, this movie focuses more on comedy and romance than horror. There's a fair deal of action towards the end, but those two genres are what make up the entire movie. As an example, we see one of the ghosts-for-hire doing her job in the opening scene... her method of scaring the guy is a downright hilarious spoof of the finale of Ringu. After the man that she has just finished scaring is in a state of shock and foaming at the mouth, the ghost realizes that she popped in on the wrong guy and sheepishly crawls back into the television. There's similar moments found throughout the movie, but that opener was by far the best scene in the movie. After the comedy-oriented opening half hour winds down, we see the romance angle start to pop up as Ratree hounds Piroyan around town, and Piroyan slowly starts to fall for her. These scenes were a bit slow in my opinion, although I have never been much for romance films. If you dig that sort of thing, you'd probably get a lot more enjoyment out of the middle chunk of this movie than I did. Anywho, after the romance winds down, we get an action-packed finale when Piroyan and Chinorot come face to face, which definitely picked things back up.

This movie was heavily focused on being over-the-top in most of its scenes. There's a lot of bizarre occurrences involving the ghosts and their introductions, Piroyan turns into a ghost-killing machine during the action chunks of the movie, and there was a large chunk of back-story thrown in later on in the film which was, while extremely important to the motives of the characters, was acted out in a very nonchalant way. This was one of those movies that tends to try a lot of different things within the running-time, so if your type of movie involves sticking to one style or genre, you may want to pass on over this one. In my eyes, however, it worked out nicely. Sure, the romance scenes could have been shortened a bit, but they did add to the overall storyline when things wrap up towards the end, so they weren't there just for the sake of the ladies in the crowd. The only thing that really bothered me about this title was the English subtitles included on the Tai Seng release of this disc. Whomever was in charge of typing them up certainly didn't have English as a first language, as the translated sentences often made little or no sense (for example, all of the ghosts are "gay"), were full of typos, and some sentences were even cut off midway through. However, although there are a few scenes that could use some clarification, the subtitles are good enough so that English-speakers will be able to make sense of things.

Overall, this is a worthy viewing if you're a fan of the supernatural, but want a light-hearted take on the subject. There's almost zero horror to be found here, but that certainly didn't lessen the quality any. 7/10.
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