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Acting as both pseudo-sequel to, and remake of, Cutting Moments, Buck's follow-up changes the focus from the matriarch to the father... or, more fittingly, the many fathers... and the sins they pass down. Eschews explicit violence for a more psychological approach, to a no less harrowing result. --TMDb
Gary Betsworth
Gary Betsworth
Christine Caleo
Christine Caleo
Ray Bland
Ray Bland
Deborah Floray
Deborah Floray
Ronald Baldino
Ronald Baldino
Review by Christopher
Added: February 19, 2005
Gary is an office worker that receives little to no appreciation for his work. He thinks back on his life when he was a child living with his parents. His father would always abuse his mother, which had Gary hardly ever speaking. The two parents never showed Gary any affection either. The only time his father would talk to him is when he would tell him what not to do. Growing up around a terrible father and bad home environment, Gary took it upon himself to find someone that would help him on his way to a better life. Which was Christianity. His religion ended up finding him a wife, Helen. Then eventually bringing a daughter into the world, Cassandra.

Carrying on the attributes the relationship his mother and father had, he hardly ever spoke to his daughter or wife after an unknown amount of time. Though he never beat his daughter or wife. All that changed one night when he started punishing himself by whipping his arm with a rubber tube. The next morning he's eating breakfast with his wife and daughter that are tied to chairs and gagged. He then starts to talk about how awful it is to have ears, to be able to hear such bad things. And to have eyes that let you see such terrible happenings. He ends up killing the two which result in a gigantic mess.

Part two of three in the Family Portraits: A Trilogy Of America series. Acting as a sequel to Cutting Moments, it doesn't leave off where Cutting Moments ended. Instead it starts a new story about the husband who has problems, instead of the wife. The story is about a husband that had a horrible childhood and because of it, had no clue how to be a loving father or husband. He kills his wife and daughter because he doesn't want them to suffer through what he had to endure as a child. A very quiet and less gory approach on family problems. Even though the two that were killed were covered in blood, along with Gary and the room they were murdered in. Not as intense as the first one, but still good in its own sense.

Had there been as much violence in this as there was in Cutting Moments, it would have been a lot better. But the film had a fine running story line. The characters were that of everyday folks with more problems than others. All the actors portrayed each character very well. The massive amount of blood had the perfect touch to it. Had he really mutilated the two, himself and the kitchen would have looked identical. Just as the first one, the film has that extra something because of things like this really happening in the world.

Final Conclusion: 7/10
Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg #1: Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg - added 04/19/2007, 08:18 AM
Like Christopher said in his review, Home isn't as intense as Cutting Moments, but it's still fairly good. I think a few areas could have been explored a little better.
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