Prologue (2003)

DVD Cover (Home Vision Entertainment)
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A young woman returns home one year after losing her hands in a savage attack. She cannot remember who her assailant was, but a trip to the local post office leads her towards the truth. --IMDb
Sally Conway
Sally Conway
William Stone Mahoney
William Stone Mahoney
Alex Splendore
Alex Splendore
David Thornton
David Thornton
Anderson William
Anderson William
Review by Christopher
Added: February 21, 2005
Billy Anders returns home after being at a hospital for a year. On her way home one night, she was assaulted by a man who brutally raped and beat her. Both of her parents, Walter and Joan, welcome her back with open arms. Joan, the mother, doesn't seem to be handling the situation very well. Though she's glad her daughter has finally returned home, she doesn't quite know how to act around her. Billy has her father, Walter, take her to the post office the next day to see her ex-boyfriend, Jeff. She finds out he's married and almost breaks into tears. He leaves her with a kiss on the cheek, then returns to work. While waiting for her father, she notices a picture on the wall of an old man.

Benjamin is the old mans name. He worked at the post office for several years and just recently retired. Him and his wife, Evelyn, live not too far from the Anders residence. With his image now in Billy's mind, she takes a visit to their home. Benjamin comes outside alone and sits next to her. Billy raises her metal claw-like hand as if she's about to hit him. Benjamin covers his face and begins to cry. Billy figures he just isn't worth it and leaves him be. He visits his garage to pull out a stuffed bear that Billy had with her in accident, but was never found. He goes into their acres of land and starts digging. Evelyn pays him a visit and finds out that Billy isn't the first one that this sort of events has happened to.

Part three of three in the Family Portraits: A Trilogy Of America series. The final chapter in the trilogy is about a girl who is returning home after being hospitalized for a year due to being crippled by an unknown man. Having deal her father who is full of questions, a mother that doesn't quite know if she should comfort her daughter at every moment or just leave her alone, her ex-boyfriend who is now married, then eventually her attacker that is just a withered old man. Billy ended up losing her hands during the attack, leaving her with metal claw-like hands as a replacement. She was also in a wheelchair. But it wasn't clear if something had happened to her legs or was just continuing her healing process.

Much more of a developing story than the other two with absolutely no gore or blood. Much better characters than the first two as well. The acting continued the same though, which was quite good. Like the second part, Home, this looked into two different families. The victim and her family, and also the attacker and his wife. Both were very well put together, character and story wise. Not as disturbing as the first film, or as shocking as the second, but a much better story than both of them combined. All three of the films make a very worthy trilogy. Douglas Buck is on his way to being a very talented director if he continues on his current path.

Final Conclusion: 7/10
Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg #1: Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg - added 04/19/2007, 08:22 AM
This is my favorite of the three shorts in Family Portraits: A Trilogy Of America. I was really into the storyline and liked the way it developed. Having watched each film, I am now very interested in Douglas Buck and the massive potential he has. Although it hurts me to know three short films are all he has done so far, I am happy to hear that Buck is currently working on something - that something being a remake of Sisters.
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