Rubber's Lover (1996)

DVD Cover (Unearthed Films)
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Overall Rating 63%
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A powerful and secretive corporation is conducting underground psychic experiments utilizing Digital Direct Drive, otherwise known as DDD. While under the influence of the drug ether, the human subjects are outfitted in rubber suits and bombarded with DDD with extremely intense sound. Though the experiments are successful in unleashing psychic powers in the test subjects, the results are usually fatal. As a result, the corporation attempts to shut down the experiments against the wishes of Motomiya and Hitotsubashi who are in charge of the research. In a desperate attempt to salvage their work, the two researchers take over the lab and hold an innocent secretary hostage while they transform their fellow researcher into an ether addict and use him as the final human guinea pig for their experiments. The result has to be seen to be believed as his psychic powers are unleashed in a wave of ferocity that will leave you breathless. --TMDb
Norimizu Ameya
Norimizu Ameya
Yta Kawase
Yta Kawase
Mika Kunihiro
Mika Kunihiro
Sosuke Saito
Sosuke Saito
Review by Christopher
Added: February 22, 2005
Motomiya and Hitotsubashi are two researchers conducting underground experiments that is being funded by a powerful and secretive corporation. The experiments are trying to see if DDD (Digital Direct Drive) can cause psychic powers while under the influence of ether. One of their current experiments, which is wrapped in medical tissue, gets abused by Akari, the researchers helper. She slaps him around a bit, then sets him up on a table. She starts to inject him with ether and ends up putting way too much into his body. He starts convulsing and spewing blood from every orifice in his body. Now with no guinea pig, the bad news piles up as one of the corporation representatives come to their laboratory to inform them that the boss is pulling the plug on the operation.

With no time to find a new test subject, they convince one of their partners to let them use his body. Shimika is dressed up in a rubber suit and strapped into a chair with DDD with extremely intense sound. He's injected with ether and then the process begins. Kiku is going through some things upstairs when she hears screaming from below. She goes to see what's going on. She gets attacked my Motomiya and stripped of most of her clothing. Later on when she regains consciousness, she finds Shimika asleep on a table. She wakes him up and then tries to find a way out. Motomiya puts a stop to that by strapped Kiku into the DDD chair. Shimika is put back in his rubber suit and injected with the usual dosage of ether. It's not long before all hell breaks lose.

Shimika begins gaining psychic power, with it he reverses the effects suppose to be happening to him onto the researchers. Motomiya starts to suffocate and bleed from unharmed skin. Hitotsubashi begins hearing the DDD and is unable to shut it off. He runs to the labratory to unhook the wires and is attacked by Shimika. He gets Hitosubashi in a bear hug, which makes his arms start to melt. Once the madness ends, more starts as Shimika is now running the experiments. He has Motomiya strapped in to the DDD chair with Hitotsubashi controlling the intensity of the sound. He turns it up so loud that Motomiya's body begins smoking, which ends up in turning his entire body into dust.

Hitotsubashi quickly runs into the laboratory to tear over his dead friend. Shimika starts having the side effects of the ether. Hitotsubashi grabs the ether gun and blasts him with a one hundred percent dosage. Meanwhile, Kiku and Akari have smaller DDD devices hooked into their rectums. They start having extremely harsh orgasims that eventually lead to Akari having her guts eaten by Kiku. Hitotsubashi finds the two girls as he's trying to escape. But he's attacked by Shimika and Kiku. His guts are ripped out of his stomach as the two leave with the unit and the ether gun. The corporation headquaters find the three dead and now must find Shimika and Kiku. If word got out about their underground experiments, they entire corporation would be done fore.

One more great cyberpunk film from Shozin Fukui. The costume created for Shimika was very unique in a bland way. The entire suit was black rubber. The mask that was attached to it had all sorts of wires and tubes connected to it. There was even two video monitors around his waste that showed each eye. The way Shimika moved around in the costume gave it an eerie effect, then the sounds of rubber rubbing up against itself made it even better. All the inventions and equipment in the factory was also very detailed and original looking. Everything matched up with everything else very nicely.

A lot of screaming was done in this film, which becaming very irratating torwards the end. There was two females in the film, but one of them hardly said a word, let alone screamed. The majority of the screaming was done by the guys. It wasn't frightening screams either, they were always going insane or in a large amount of pain. A little screaming neer hurts, but their shrieking voices seemed to be endless. That was the only thing the film could have done without. Large amounts of blood coming from just about everyone. Great story that shows how your mind can take over your body when pain being inflicted on you gets too heavy to handle. The fair amount of dialogue is well scripted, as are the characters. A must see for the fans of cyberpunk.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
Ginose #1: Ginose - added 02/09/2007, 06:28 PM
Better than "964 Pinocchio" in my opinion. This is THE cyber-punk film (next to "Electric Dragon 80,000V which I'm hoping for a review of soon) an really captures and uses the horrorific psuedo-gothic feel to help the story progress instead of relying merely on the charecter billing.
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