Black Candles (1982)

Theatrical Poster
José Ramón Larraz José Ramón Larraz
Helga Liné Helga Liné
Vanessa Hidalgo Vanessa Hidalgo
Jeffrey Healey Jeffrey Healey
Alfred Lucchetti Alfred Lucchetti
John McGrat John McGrat

4.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Religious Horror, Sex Horror
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Review by Christopher
Added: February 25, 2005
Carol and her friend Robert travel to England for the recent death of her brother. The two stay with her sister-in-law, Fiona. The area she's located in has very few people surrounding her. Two farmers and their wives, one of them being a maid for Fiona. A Reverend and his daughter. Lastly, a doctor. All in which are involved in satanism. Robert use to be a priest several years ago, but quit to peruse other interests. Carol starts to suspect something is wrong with Fiona, but everyone else tells her other wise. With Fiona knowing about Carol's suspicion, she tries to get her on their side by seducing Robert and having him become part of the group, which does happen.

Not a very interesting story, to say the least. Had there not been a sex scene every five to ten minutes, the film may have panned out a little better. But sadly enough, that's really all the film had to offer. It opened with Carol's brother and the Reverend's daughter having sex, Carol's brother then dies due to witch practice. Carol and Robert have sex twice. Fiona and Robert have sex three times. The Reverend's daughter and a goat have sex, which deserves and explanation. The group decides that there needs to be a sacrifice via the devil's beast, which is a goat. Before she goes to the barn for her sexual animal encounter, her and Fiona have sex. Continuing on the count, Carol and the Reverend have sex, which ultimately end up in a gigantic orgy with everyone else.

Quite boring, to say the least. If I wanted to watch people having sex with very little story, I'd watch a high priced pornography film. At least then it would be real. To carry on with what little is left of the film, there was a total of two killings. Carol's brother, which had a heart attack. Then one of the farmers, that had a sword shoved through his anal cavity. That was the only entertaining scene in the film. The goat sex would fall in second, sadly enough. The acting was decent enough, though the script and screenplay were both horribly written. The first night Carol and Robert arrived in England, they both undressed as Carol laid down in Robert's bed (there was two beds). Robert started kissing her as she said she wasn't in the mood, then immediately started making love to him. The entire movie had that reaction to it.

Gearing more towards the actual happenings in the film that don't involve sex, it was quite the every day horror film. The visiting woman of the couple finds everything very odd. But when she tells her partner, he doesn't believe her. Then when the time finally comes when someone tells her she's right and is about to have help, her newly acquainted friend is killed. Then when she tries to run away, she gets captured. The ending is quite lame as well, which is also quite common for the horror genre. Not that it has a bad ending, but the ending itself. A worthy horror film to watch just to see that some of the films you would think are completely terrible aren't really that bad.

Final Conclusion: 2/10
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