H20: Subterranean Violence, Vol. 4: "King Of The Underground" (2019)

DVD Cover (Smart Mark Video)
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Overall Rating 58%
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Connections: Wrestling: H20

1. H20 Tag Team Championship: (c) Notorious Inc vs Jimmy Lyon & Marc Angel
2. Jeff Cannonball vs Raven Havok
3. Maria Manic vs Steve "Monsta" Mack
4. Eric Ryan vs Eddy Only
5. Jimmy Lloyd vs Danny Gallagher
6. Jeff Cannonball vs Drew Chaos
7. G-Raver vs Ron Mathis
8. H20 Championship: (c) Alex Colon vs Lucky 13
9. Deathmatch Trial Series Match #3: Stockade vs Mitch Vallen
10. HYBRID Championship: (c) Dan O'Hare vs SHLAK vs Casanova Valentine vs Brandon Kirk --Smart Mark Video
Ray Williams
Ray Williams
Charles Renner
Charles Renner
Jimmy Lyon
Jimmy Lyon
Mark Angelosetti
Mark Angelosetti
Jeff Cannonball
Jeff Cannonball
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