Bread And Circus (2003)

DVD Cover (Wild Eye Releasing)
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Overall Rating 46%
Overall Rating
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Oliver Boullet
Oliver Boullet
Miriam Johansson
Miriam Johansson
Martin Loke
Martin Loke
Magne Jahrestein
Magne Jahrestein
Silje Andresen
Silje Andresen
Review by Christopher
Added: March 05, 2005
Mother earth gives birth to a new born man. The man is cleaned up and checked for informalities. Once he checks out normal, he's brought into the system. He's given a briefcase and sent on a path. While following the path, an old man shoots the briefcase out of his hand then disappears into the forest. The Normal One catches up the old man as the man tells him a story about the land. When a human is born, they are checked to see if they are normal. If they are, they are brought into the system. If not, then they are thrown in the woods and labeled as Dregs. The old man himself, he became a fugitive as he tried to escape the system.

During the escape, he had to fight against dregs and soldiers from the kingdom. One of the soldiers he snuck up on while he was releasing some body waste. While the solider was squatting down, the fugitive kicked him right in the anus. To stop the bleeding, he stuck a beer bottle in it. When he realized there was still beer in the bottle, he removed it and finished what was left. After passing out and waking up not too long after, he informs the leader of the soldiers, Johnsen, that he is going to kill the fugitive. When she informs him that the king wants him alive, he throws down his communicator and starts to hunt for him.

Johnsen takes it upon herself to find the solider and put a stop to him. When she does find him, she puts him in handcuffs and puts him in the back of her jeep. He's taken to what seems like an old dungeon. There he's put in a chair as Johnsen pulls down his pants and starts having sex with him. During it all, she pulls out a knife and stabs him in the throat. When she returns to the jeep, she's informed that the fugitive has been captured. He is put in a cell and given the worst job any man could ever obtain. That was the old mans story, he was unable to tell anymore. The Normal One decides he is ready to go back to the system.

Back on the path, his briefcase is taken by one of the monks. Continuing the path, he stumbles upon a statue that he has to kiss. It turns out that the man is too old, which means he is of no use to the system. A monk comes to take him away. They stop in front of mother earth's anus. There's a young girl already there who is forced inside by the monk. She travels through a feces covered cavity until she gets to the end. Which is where she gets extracted from a goats anus. Not wanting to end up like the girl, the Normal One grabs the monk's gun and shoots him in the head. He engraves a message into stone, then becomes nothing but a memory.

Three years later, a couple (Miriam and Oliver) is having a picnic out in a field. The stumble upon a cave that has the engraved stone located in it. The stone sends them to a place that is filled with all sorts of weapons and even a car. The two know what they must do, which is destroy the system. Miriam decides to make the trip on foot as Oliver takes the car. Oliver helps out a young dreg from getting killed by one of the soldiers. Then a dreg steals Oliver's car keys and swallows them. Oliver chops the top half of his body off and digs out his keys. Now he's on his way to the system to end it all.

Martin Loke had a part in just about everything. He played the Normal One, a dreg and a solider. Directed, wrote, produced, edited, special and visual effects, props, and so much more. He knew exactly what he wanted from the story he created and did it his own way for every step. In the end, he created an insanely original film that will hopefully get the attention it deserves. When Mother Earth gives birth to a man, it means just that. There's a large vagina in the center of a field that men come out of. Covered in blood with the umbilical cord still attached. Mother Earth's anus was the same way. A giant anus in the ground with the inside covered in feces.

All of the gory killings had a touch of an early Peter Jackson to them, with another touch of Martin Loke's own uniqueness. He even took a filming technique Peter Jackson used in Bad Taste. When one of the soldiers had his head shot off, the camera started at his feet as blood fell to the ground. Then the camera quickly raced up to the head where blood poured out of his neck. Definitely not trying to rip him off, but give tribute to the man. He did an excellent job. Some of the other killings involved a sword cutting a large portion of the body off. Like getting cut from the shoulder, across the chest, and at one side of the gut. All sorts of the body's insides were shown, very graphic.

Not all the acting was perfect, but that's normally the case for every film. None of the actors were terrible, which is an obvious plus. The characters themselves were very average, but the surroundings they were in were totally the opposite, which made the characters work out as being average. There was even an alien thrown in at the end that impregnated mother earth. The alien was very original looking. He had a sort of calm/evil look to him, very good stuff. All of the special effects/props/stages were excellent looking. All fans of splatter films should see this film, it will not disappoint.

Final Conclusion: 10/10
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