Stacy (2001)

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Genres: Horror, Zombie Film
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Naoyuki Tomomatsu Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Norman England Norman England
Tomoka Hayashi Tomoka Hayashi
Yukijir˘ Hotaru Yukijir˘ Hotaru
Ry˘ichi Inaba Ry˘ichi Inaba
Natsuki Kat˘ Natsuki Kat˘

5.9 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: December 21, 2004
All around the world, young girls between the ages of fifteen and seventeen are turning into Stacies (zombies) who excrete a glowing B.T.P. (Butterfly Twinkle Powder) after coming down with N.D.H. (Near Death Happiness). There's no particular reason given for this, nor is there any way to prevent it from happening. After turning into zombies, the government asks that the parents of the zombies kill them off with a chainsaw known as the Blues Campbell's Right Hand 2 (that's not a typo there), but some parents can't bring themselves to kill off their own daughters... that's where the RRK (Romero Repeat Kill) squad comes into play. There's also an illegal squad who will do the job, and they're known as the Drews due to their obsessions with Drew Barrymore. The only known way to destroy a Stacy is to cut it into exactly 165 pieces, so needless to say, things tend to get a bit gory whenever a Stacy is destroyed.

The main plot of the movie deals with a puppeteer named Shibukawa (Toshinori Omi) and a young girl named Eiko (Natsuki Kato). Eiko knows that she is about to turn into a Stacy, and wants to find someone to take care of her when she turns into one. Shibu-San, as Eiko calls him, agrees to do it, and since Eiko has already come down with N.D.H., he knows that it's only a matter of time before he's required to kill her off. However, Shibu-San starts to fall in love with the girl, which leads to all sorts of nastiness.

I'm going to have to disagree with some of Kif's review of this movie, as I found that this really has nothing in common with either Braindead or The Evil Dead. While there is the obvious connection in the sense that zombies pop up in both films, that would be about the extent of the similarities. With the outlandish plot aside, there's almost zero comedic elements to be found in this movie, and almost all of the comedy that is present is merely nods to other horror classics and personnel (George A. Romero, Drew Barrymore, and the aforementioned Evil Dead). Most of the eighty minutes of running time centers around Shibu-San and his relationship with the soon-to-be-Stacy Eiko, which makes the grand majority of the film focus on romance. Also, though the storyline seems to be pretty random and bizarre, there's actually an underlying message behind the whole thing. I won't spell it out here piece by piece, but it basically deals with Japan's pedophilic obsession with young girls, and how they portray them as sex objects even though they're well under a decent age.

If you view this movie with the assumption that you're going to be watching something similar to Braindead or The Evil Dead, you'll be sorely disappointed. If you go in thinking that this is either a horror film, a comedy, or a mix of the two genres, then you'll again come away disappointed. However, if you can tolerate a lot of romance and a nice dose of weirdness with your zombie action, then you may want to look into obtaining a copy of this film. Personally, I enjoyed it. 7/10.
Review by Christopher
Added: February 28, 2004
To add to the synopsis, to kill the Stacies, each must be chopped in numerous amounts of pieces for them to die. There's also a group of police-like people that get the job of doing such acts. RRK (Romero Repeat Kill) Squad. Also included are three teenage females that find it in their best interest to kill off some of these Stacies, although they ask a price. This triple threat dubbed themselves 'IRRK' Illegal Repeat Kill Squad. It being illegal because only family members or RRK are allowed to kill them.

There's also a love story thrown into this mix. A teenage student, dosed with a case of NDH, comes to a puppeteer with wishes that he be her Romero Repeat Killer. In exchange, she'll go to bed with him so he's able to sleep. The two turn into a couple as she follows him around every where goes. Sadly, she gets quite annoying having NDH. The constant laughter from her gets old very quick.

Dubbed a bloodbath of extreme gore effects and comedy. Due to the comedy that was thrown in, you can't expect much from the hundred of school girl zombies. Acting like a zombie would, but looking like the most bland patch of zombies ever. Pale faces, dark rings around their eyes. Luckily they all sport the white blood drenched long sleeves and navy blue mini skirts. The comedy you can look forward to would be Bruce Campbell's Right Hand 2 chainsaw. If you've seen the Evil Dead trilogy, imagine Tonka Toys getting the rights to release a kids toy of Ash's chainsaw that he replaced his hand with. This excellent invention is only used one time and it's the only death scene not shown.

On the subject of death, gore comes to mind. The 'extreme gore effects' mentioned before was not part of the comedy act. Spinal cords dangling from severed heads, arm and leg tendons dripping left and right, massive head explosions, and too many more to name. Unlike a lot of other bloody gore films, this one has blood gushing from start to finish. I had heard about this movie only by seeing a couple of pictures from in. I had no idea what I was getting into when I put it in other than it was a zombie film. As it ended, I was extremely pleased. If you liked Braindead or are big on the Evil Dead trilogy, this movie is a must see.

Final Conclusion: 10/10
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