Dog Years (1997)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Robert Loomis Robert Loomis
R. Michael Caincross R. Michael Caincross
John Aguiar John Aguiar
Damon Gregory Damon Gregory
Caplan Lee Caplan Lee
Veronica Loomis Veronica Loomis

5.5 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Comedy Drama, Crime Comedy, Crime Drama
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Review by Christopher
Added: March 10, 2005
Wally Newton is a typical rebellious 90's kid whose closest pal is his dalmatian, Neechee. One morning while he's out walking his dog, he gets caught in a drug deal gone wrong. As a dealer is running away from a couple of gangsters, he runs into Wally and gets tangled up in the dog leash. While one of the gangsters is running after the dealer, the cops see him and start to chase after him. He manages to hide in the same area Wally and the dealer are at. The cops think Wally was the one they were chasing after, so they knock him out and arrest him. Wally gets out of a jail a couple of days later, his first stop is the Animal Control Center. When the lady up front, Justine, informs him that someone already picked up the dog in his name, he gives her his number and tells her to call him if she's able to find out anything.

When he returns to his home, he finds three gangsters tearing up his house. They think the drug dealer, Francis, gave Wally a bag he stole from them. After explaining to them what happened, they arrange for Wally to get his dog back. He is to meet them at a car garage in two hours. Since he has some time to waste, he heads over to his friend Lee's place to pick up a gun, just incase the gangsters try anything stupid. After getting his dog back, the gangster inform him that the boss wants to see him. When he declines the offer, they knock him out and tie him up in their warehouse. Mr. Drake, the boss, offers him death or a job working for him. He chooses the job. His first task is to drive to Los Angeles to drop off a large truck with a mexican named Roberto, who speaks no english.

With no idea what's in the truck, he takes the highway, forgetting there's a vehicle inspection some odd miles away. When the back of the truck is opened, several illegal immigrates start fleeing out into the desert, Wally takes his own trail out into the desert. He eventually finds a gas station with a phone. With no friends to ask for help, he calls Justine. She willingly picks him up. When word leaks to Mr. Drake about what happened to the shipment, he orders two of his workers to shoot the dog. The plan was to tie a rope around her neck with bags of sand tied to the other end, then throw her off a bridge. It wasn't tied tight enough around her neck, so when the sand was dropped off the bridge, it took the end of the rope right off the dogs neck. In which led to her running away.

As the two explained to Mr. Drake what happened, he sent two of his other workers over to Wally's house to kill him and/or the dog. But when the two arrived, Wally was already waiting for them. He tied the two up and called Mr. Drake. If he didn't get his dog back in two hours, he was going to kill the two men. So now the two that lost the dog are forced to go find her. When they know they won't be able to find her, the go to Animal Control and pick up a dog that's all black. Justine tries to stop them, but they force their way out with gun power. The plan is to drench flower all of the dog and pass it off as the dalmatian.

Even though it's labeled as a comedy, there really wasn't much comedy thrown into the film. The parts that were in there seemed to be a bit forced, but still managed to be funny. Like when Neechee got away from the two gangsters after they tried to kill her. During her run, she traveled across a river, the forest, then a large patch of snow, then across a highway. Or after Wally got off the phone with Mr. Drake when he tied up the two gangsters. He threw the phone at one of the gangsters and told him to catch. It landed on top of his head since he was tied up and unable to catch. Pretty good stuff for being so bland.

Pretty bad acting from the majority of the cast. Wally managed to do a semi-decent job though. Not a very original story either, but the way it was written kept the entertainment value up. Some decent looking gun shot wounds came about as well. The best was when the two gangsters untied themselves while at Wally's home, then tried to kill him. Wally shot one in the head and blood drenched the gangster that was behind him. It was really unexpected for a film like this, but fit in really well. A fine film for a first time director with a budget less than ten thousand dollars.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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