Subconscious Cruelty (2000)

DVD Cover (Sazuma Trading)
Karim Hussain Karim Hussain
Sophie Lauzière Sophie Lauzière
Anne-Marie Belley Anne-Marie Belley
Brea Asher Brea Asher
Ivaylo Founev Ivaylo Founev
Eric Levasseur Eric Levasseur

5.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Cannibal Film, Horror
"Subconscious Cruelty" is divided in four segments: Ovarian Eyeball - a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball is removed from her belly. Human Larvae - a deranged man that hates his sister that is pregnant kills her newborn offspring and she during the delivery. Rebirth - a group of naked people rolls around in mud and blood. Right Brain/Martyrdom - religious symbolism associated with gore and sex. --IMDb
Review by Christopher
Added: March 06, 2004
The first episode is about a bother and his pregnant sister. He has this obsession in watching her have sex with the numerous men she brings over. She ends up getting pregnant and the men stop coming. Her brother is at her aid through out her pregnancy. He comes up with a theory of how great it will be to deface the process of creation. When the time comes for her to give birth, her brother is there helping her through. As the baby's head and neck pop out, he takes a box cutter and slices the baby's throat. As the dead baby is gushing blood, he rips it out of her and starts hovering it over her face. With both of them dead, he lays the baby next to his sisters head. It was never shown or told how the sister died. Her brother had mentioned her heart may have exploded, and that's what I was lead to believe.

Episode two involved a lonely office man. As he's shown going his daily business through out the city, he comes home and start masturbating. He's doing this to a porno video he's watching. Now for an artistically graphic film, there was no reason for both the video and the masturbation to be censored. Especially since what was shown in the first episode. As the man finishes up and falls asleep, he dreams about being tortured. He's laid out, naked, on a table, as a man does something to his penis causing it to gush out blood every where. With the penis being censored during the action, it's not possible to tell what happened.

This man that was mentioned pulls a charm off of his neck. It's of a cross. The man starts going on about how he only wears the cross to be accepted by others, then it cuts into the third episode. There's a man dressed as Christ outside of a church, bowing. Three naked broads grab him and start dragging him through a dark hallway. They get to their destination and start tearing away his skin with their nails and teeth. One of the women cut off a piece of his chest with a razor blade. After eating the piece she cut off, she starts pissing on it. The movie then ends with recaps off all three of the episodes.

For only having three killings, this movie was filled with blood. Especially with the last episode. There's not much acting involving words through out the episodes. Although, the first episode is completely filled with narration by the brother. The only thing that upset me was the mentioned arts about the film. It's beyond explainable how worthless it is to make a movie showing an artistic point of view when something is so censored. Which makes this even worse is that during recap, that man that got tortured was sitting in a river, naked, with his penis showing, not censored in anyway. As long as he's not getting off or being slaughtered, it's ok to show the man's junk? I almost forgot to mention, this is the uncut version.

Final Conclusion: 7/10
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Tristan #1: Tristan - added 09/04/2008, 02:10 AM
Had to watch this one with commentary, as it was a downloaded file. Didn't take me out of the movie that much, as it was purely visually based and contained little dialogue. It was enjoyable, but I don't see myself watching it too many more times.

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