Filthy (2003)

DVD Cover (Metropol Productions)
Genres / Traits: Horror, Sadistic Horror, Halloween
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John Karliss John Karliss
Andy Lalino Andy Lalino
Jennifer Bass Jennifer Bass
Sheri Lawrence Sheri Lawrence
Krista Grotte Krista Grotte
John Biebrich John Biebrich
Chris Brooks Chris Brooks

4.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: March 13, 2005
WMIA news reporter Dana Diamond and videographer Rocky have been seen to a location where nothing's happening on Devil's Night. The area is completely deserted until a man, Leonard, comes and starts flirting with Dana in an odd fashion. While she's telling him to get lost, he starts urinating on her leg. She pushes him away, then starts cleaning herself. There's a scream heard off in the distance. When Dana and Rocky run over to see what's going on, they find Leonard with a tied up woman sitting in a shopping cart. Leonard dedicates his next actions to Dana, as he uses a hole puncher on one of the woman's eye lid.

The news couple gets distracted when they hear their news van being stolen. After the man gets away with it, the couple decides to stay with Leonard, but first they have to find him. When hopping over a fence, Rocky trips and lands back first on a large blade. After Dana calls for help, she snatches the camera away from him and continues to track down Leonard. She finds herself in an old house that is filled to the brim with decades worth of garbage. While searching through the home, she finds two children that have been killed an stuffed like animals. While backing up to leave, she's attacked by Leonard's sister, Pussey.

Pussey ties up Dana and wants to have sex with her. But her mother, Fermentia, sends her away. Fermentia puts the finishing touches on a wedding gown, then sends her into the next room, where she will get married to Leonard. Rocky is back as a zombie and is Leonard's best man. Pussey tries to stop the wedding because she is in love with Leonard. But her mother sends her away once again. Pussey swears that they'll get what's coming to them. When the minister, who is dressed in a suit and a gas mask, tells Leonard to give her the ring, he takes out a cigar cutter and chops off her finger. Then he burns it shut with a lit cigarette.

For dinner, Fermentia brings out the cook, Meatman. Meatman is blood dripping, body of meat. He rips of pieces of himself and throws it on everyones plate, topping it off with blood for a drink. Dana refuses to eat, so Fermentia decides to play an old family game. It's just like bobbing for apples, but theirs is called bobbing for scrotums. She dunks Dana's head into the pot and tells her she won't be coming out until she grabs a scrotum. Once she finally catches one, Fermentia makes her eat it. During all of that, Pussey had called the cops with Dana's cell phone. The cops managed to get there right before Leonard got the chance to sleep with his new bride.

Filthy tells a story about how a persons snobbish ways of succeeding can cost them their life. Its title obviously revolves around the house being filthy, as well as the family that lives there. The house looked as if it really had been collecting trash for decades, both inside and outside. On top of that, the house was falling apart and was just completely grotesque. The smell inside was to be so bad that it made everyone see and hear things that weren't really there. Such as Meatman, zombie Rocky, and the minister. They were all just hallucinations, though no one could tell the difference.

None of the violence was shown in explicit detail, but it got the point across. Like when Leonard used the hole punch, the puncher covered up most of the scene. When the same fellow hacked up Dana's finger with the cigar cutter, the positioning of the camera wasn't close enough to see the bone or inside of her finger. Nor was it too far away that you couldn't tell that her finger just got chopped off. When he burned the wound closed with his cigarette, it was shot from her wrist up so all you could see was the cigarette touching the wound, not the wound itself. Rocky's fall was the most gory part of the film. Him landing on the blade wasn't shown, but outcome was, which was plenty enough.

Co-Director Andy Lalino had mentioned the highlight of the film being Meatman, which is the definite truth. Even though the entire film is well paced and has great looking characters, Meatman just had that extra piece of originality. Even though it was something as bland as a body of walking meat, it just came together really well. The way he moved, how his foot prints were blood, the way he ripped off pieces of himself for a meal, the way he poured out blood from his hand. Very awesome. Another thing that had me enjoy the film even more was that it was shot in the state I live in. On top of that, I've been to the town it was in a huge amount of times.

My major complaint with the film was that it had comedy thrown into it. The acting and story was so straight forward that it would have been a perfect horror movie. Even with a character like Meatman, he was created so well that he could be looked at and haven't the want to laugh at him. But Rocky also had to crack jokes and try to be a funny character, which really didn't fit well with everything else that was happening. Then the biggest disappointment was the dance sequence that went down after the two got married. Fermentia started dancing all around the room with corny special effects and close-ups of a lighted disco ball. It was really uncalled for. Take out Rocky and the dancing, and the film would have been perfect.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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