Preacherman (1971)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Albert T. Viola Albert T. Viola
Albert T. Viola Albert T. Viola
Ilene Kristen Ilene Kristen
Adam Hesse Adam Hesse
Marian Brown Marian Brown
Esty F. Davis Jr. Esty F. Davis Jr.

4.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Comedy, Crime Comedy, Crime Drama, Drama
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Review by Christopher
Added: March 16, 2005
Amos Huxley is acting as a preacher to extort money from the local town folks and have sex with as many young women as possible. The most recent young female he got ahold of was Sheriff Bull's daughter. When the sheriff finds out about the two, him and his partner, Deputy Leon, beat some sense into Huxley. Then they kick him out of town. While he's laying unconscious on the side of the road, a local farmer, Judd, notices him and takes him back to his house. Which ends up being back in town. Mary Lou is Judd's young daughter, she likes to have casual sex with four of the town boys on a daily basis.

To rid her of all her sins, Judd asks Huxley if he would perform a baptizing on her. Huxley agrees to do the service. Afterwards, she informs the two that Mary Lou may be one of the few chosen ones. But the only way to know for sure is if Angel Leroy comes to visit her at midnight. He tells Judd to get on the roof and shout for Leroy as Mary Lou lay naked in her bed. Every night for several weeks, Huxley acts as Angel Leroy and comes into her room every night to have sex with her. She doesn't know the difference because of the strong alcohol she's told to drink every night before she goes to bed.

Judd feels the need to inform Huxley about a sin of his own. He brings him to a moonshine still he's been using to sell moonshine to the sheriff. He knows he does wrong and wants to destroy it in front of Huxley. Huxley stops him and gets him to start selling the moonshine to the town folk while cutting out the middle man, which is the sheriff. They recruit a delivery service run by Martha and her legged brother. One of the four town boys, Clyde, that was having sex with Mary Lou was eventually recruited as well. But only because he was trying to get Mary Lou back for himself. He ends up going to the police, who try to put a stop to Huxley.

Categorized as a comedy / drama film, it holds very little of both. Instead of having actual funny lines, there's situations that are suppose to be funny. Like Angel Leroy coming in Mary Lou's bedroom to save her nightly, but it turning out to be Huxley. None of which ended up being funny. All of the drama took place in the last twenty minutes of the film. Judd became attracted to Martha and they started getting to know one another better. Then Clyde was trying to win back Mary Lou because he's in love with her. Nothing of which had a surprising effect at all.

Very little of anything really went on in the film. Mostly just talking. When it actually got into some action, it was very badly done. The fight scene with Huxley and the police officers would be a good example. The two officers would punch down at the camera, as if the camera was acting as Huxley's eyes. Huxley ended up having one band-aid put on his forehead, very lame. The one other action scene was when Clyde confronted Mary Lou while he was working for the moonshine operation. He grabbed her as she struggled around for a decent amount of time, which ended up with her slapping him and then her running away. Also quite bad. The whole movie was quite a disappointment.

Final Conclusion: 1/10
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