CKY: Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild - The Video Album (2003)

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A series of music videos for all the songs of the album "Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild." Contains everything from psycho killers, drug addicts, suicide-fetishes, to a 1984-esque claymation segment. --IMDb
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Daniel Cuzzetto
Daniel Cuzzetto
Brandon DiCamillo
Brandon DiCamillo
Tyler Dolph
Tyler Dolph
Ann Marie Esposito
Ann Marie Esposito
Review by Chad
Added: April 07, 2005
On September 24th of 2002, CKY released their "Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild" album. One year later, they released this DVD containing music videos for each of the songs found on "Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild". However, instead of just slapping the videos on this disc and shipping it out, director Bam Margera and the members of CKY give some insight into the making of each video, along with a good deal of behind-the-scenes stuff from each one. You can choose to watch either the feature presentation which features around five minutes of commentary before showing the actual video, or choose a video to watch on its own. The videos themselves are nice, but the commentary before each one is the real meat of this disc. I'm not going to critique the actual music presented here, as your taste will most likely be radically different from mine; personally, I enjoyed each of the songs, but your mileage may vary.

1. Escape From Hellview
The first video from the disc shows a group of kids out having a good time in the woods, when a serial killer shows up and starts picking them off one by one. This video was a nod to the eighties slasher films, and did a damned fine job representing the period... we're treated to a throat slashing via machete, repeated stabs to the face with the same machete, and the finale featuring death by choking which features gratuitous panty shots. One of the better shots of the video has Chad (guitarist) hanging from a noose whilst plying his trade; in the commentary prior to the video, it's shown how he slipped off his harness and was literally being hung and going into convulsive fits during the shoot. Some great stuff is discussed in this commentary, and the video itself was excellent.

2. Flesh Into Gear
As Bam explains in the commentary prior to the video, this was their first ever music video and was shot on an extremely low budget prior to the release of the album. It was shot on a pure white background, with the only props being the musical equipment, the wires for said equipment, and some medieval props that Brandon DiCamillo made. The band plays in a circle of wires, and a few notable kids from the whole CKY / Viva La Bam / Jackass crowd shows up - DiCamillo, Rake Yohn, and Bam all turn up in a few scenes. Intertwined with the band performing is a few Jackass'ish stunts and skateboarding tricks. It's not the best video on the disc, but it's still damned entertaining, especially when one considers the budget constraints that was discussed prior to the video.

3. Sink Into The Underground
Half of this video shows the band playing on top of a Philadelphia building against the setting sun, while the other half features pro skater Kris Markovich dealing with his drug-addicted model of a girlfriend. I'm not a huge fan of skating, so I've never heard of this Markovich fellow... however, he did a damned fine job in the acting department, pulling out a speechless performance in this two and a half minute video that rivaled some Hollywood stars in feature length films. The video itself is excellent, but there's not too much in the way of insight provided by the band or Bam for this one... the highlight of the commentary is watching Phil (Bam's obese father) getting stuck in a water tower ladder.

4. Attached At The Hip
There's not a whole lot of story to go along with this video. Half of it consists of the band playing in a trashy Philadelphia field where a brewery once stood, while the other half features them playing in Bam's basement while giant fans blow newspapers around the room and a TV belts out a static image. It's a simple video, but it does work out quite nicely.

5. Frenetic Amnesic
As Bam points out in the commentary, this video was originally going to be a serious project; the band is involved in a head-on collision with a tree, die in the hospital, and their souls leave to pick up their instruments and play the song. It's a pretty original concept, but as Bam also points out, things went terribly wrong during the shoot... the scene in which the van crashes into the tree came out looking incredibly fake, the reshoot was a complete bust, there was problems with the weather, and just about anything that could go wrong did. So, they put a different spin on things - the general concept remains the same, but it's now done in a humorous fashion. Brandon DiCamillo shows up as the doctor, providing some great laughs to go along with the video, Chad (guitarist) has a hilarious conversation via cell phone with the record label, and plenty of other small things occur that brings forth a chuckle or two. Then, we have the ghost effects that were used at the end of the video when the band started playing... these weren't big-budget effects or anything, just a different coloration of the band members playing against a normally colored background. However, they came out looking very nice, and this visual was the highlight of the video for yours truly.

6. Shock & Terror
In this video, the ever-so-hot horror queen Misty Mundae is cutting open a peach and slices her finger, causing a good deal of blood to be shed. Instead of tending to the wound or anything like that, she winds up on top of the table cutting herself open repeatedly, and getting off on all of the blood covering both her and the table. Meanwhile, the band plays the song inside of a haunted house, providing us with a number of excellent visuals. During the commentary, we learn that this was going to be more of a serial killer versus Misty Mundae deal, but the end result was much too similar to the "Escape From Hellview" video, so Deron (vocalist) came up with the new idea and it stuck. This one is tied with the aforementioned "Escape From Hellview" as the best video on the disc... not just because I'm a huge fan of horror, but these two videos are excellently done.

7. Plastic Plan
Nothing much to see here. As far as commentary goes, the only thing we learn about this video is that Bam and the members of CKY were extremely tired on the day that this was shot. The video features nothing but the band playing the song against a psychedelic background... lots of pretty lights and designs, but it gets very old, very quick. The worst video on the disc, in my eyes.

8. Inhuman Creation Station
Coming in at number three on my personal "Best videos on this disc" list is Inhuman Creation Station. The video is completely stop-motion animation, looking like one of the many videos that Tool has done using the same technique. The difference here, however, is that this video comes off looking even better than Tool's versions... and this is coming from a Tool fan. If you were impressed by the videos that Tool did featuring stop-motion animation, then you really should check this one out to see just how great the style can be used.

9. Sporadic Movement
This is another one of those videos that has such a simple premise, yet it turns out to be quite entertaining. The band performs the song from the back of a moving semi, while the camera-man records the majority of the video from a trailing car. In the commentary, Bam explains that this was a spur-of-the-moment idea, but in my view, it turned out to be one of the better videos. Another thing of interest that is revealed here is the fact that no roads were closed in order to shoot this video... each and every one of the cars that you see driving behind and along-side the semi is legit traffic, not extras brought in for the video. A small touch, but it made things all the better.

10. Close Yet Far
Bam explains in the commentary that this video was meant to be a parody of the typical on-the-road videos that seem to be making a comeback in recent times. Personally, I didn't see too much in the way of parody though... the video consists of the band playing live on stage, some backstage stuff, and only one or two scenes that actually seemed to be a parody of anything. It's a decent video if you enjoy "live" performances, but it was pretty lacking in my eyes.

The extras on this disc include the videos for both "Disengage The Simulator" and "96 Quite Bitter Beings", as well as a photo gallery. Both of these videos are pretty low-budget, having been shot long before the IDR album came about. However, even with the budget concerns, both videos are visually appealing, though "Disengage The Simulator" did tend to slow down midway through. It's perfectly understandable about the whole budget thing though, and these two videos are still nice to have on DVD. The photo gallery is just that - a bunch of photographs of the band playing live and behind-the-scenes stuff. I wasn't a fan of this feature, but I rarely enjoy photo galleries anyway, so your opinion may differ. Also included (with the deluxe edition) is a bonus disc with just shy of three hours worth of random CKY footage. Live performances take up most of the time here, but there's also a good amount of backstage stuff, stories from the road, fan interaction, and loads of other random goodness. This bonus disc definitely makes the deluxe version of this release well worth the extra few bucks, so pick it up.

Overall, fans of CKY should already have this DVD in their collection... there's no excuse not to. If you have even the slightest interest in the band, this is also a DVD that should be picked up with the quickness. If you've never heard any of their music, check out any of the tracks presented here, and then purchase both the CD and the DVD... they're both well worth it. 10/10.
Big D #1: Big D - added 04/06/2005, 10:24 PM
YEAH!!! CKY rocks!
BuryMeAlive #2: BuryMeAlive - added 04/07/2005, 01:09 PM
Bam is a little brat that need a fucking beating, see my comment on Viva La bam.
MrDerp #3: MrDerp - added 09/20/2005, 05:06 PM
Regardless of Bam and his fanboy status for this band, their music is amazing.
Tristan #4: Tristan - added 04/15/2007, 12:11 AM
AHA! I knew that was Misty. I just figured they found a look alike. Well I enjoy CKY, and I love Ms. Mundae, so this gets a 10/10 from me.
Tobes #5: Tobes - added 03/31/2010, 01:08 PM
Chad must have only given this a 10 because Misty is in it, I know the kind of shit music he likes. =)
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