Flesh Eating Mothers (1988)

DVD Cover (Elite Entertainment)
James Aviles Martin James Aviles Martin
Robert Lee Oliver Robert Lee Oliver
Donatella Hecht Donatella Hecht
Neal Rosen Neal Rosen
Valorie Hubbard Valorie Hubbard
Terry Hayes Terry Hayes

4.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Cannibal Film, Horror, Horror Comedy
After sleeping around with the town's population of mothers, a man spreads a cannibalistic venereal disease to each woman. The result is a horrific display of flesh eaters as they turn on their children for food. The teens must somehow inject the antidote into the rear-end of their own mothers before they too become Sunday dinner. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: April 13, 2005
As our movie begins, we see Roddy Douglas (Louis Homyak) going out for a jog. A man does need to stay in shape, you know... or so he tells his wife and daughter. However, it's not fitness that's on Roddy's mind... he's using this as an excuse to get out of the house and hook up with one (of four) mistresses that he has around town. Obviously, this man is quite the stud... but the problem here is that he's carrying some kind of new STD that only affects women who have given birth, and when these women catch it after having sex with Roddy, they turn into flesh-hungry cannibals. It wouldn't quite be a movie if each of the five women (including his own wife) he was bonking weren't mothers, so we quickly wind up with a group of zombie-like women running around town, killing their own children, pets, and husbands. It's up to their surviving kids to put a stop to this madness, but how will they stop their own mothers without hurting them?

Here we have a movie that is very similar to another entry in the horror-comedy genre, that being Dead Alive. All of the things that made Dead Alive so great are also found here... zombies (well, they're technically cannibals, but they look and act like zombies), a very large amount of gore, and some pretty damned amusing scenes. The problem here is that while this goodness is found sprinkled throughout the running time, it only takes up a small portion of said time... the rest is devoted to the "kids" (none of which look to be under twenty-five years of age) running from the mothers, trying to figure out a way to cure the mothers, looking for the mothers, and then running from the mothers some more. Then, we have the whole subplot dealing with the origin of the STD and how the police are covering it up, all of which drags on for far too long. Basically, this movie had about twenty minutes worth of entertaining material, but padded it out to ninety minutes. The result was one of the first times in many, many months that I have literally fallen asleep in front of the television and had to rewind the movie upon awakening.

Looking at the cover of the first American DVD release of this film and considering the storyline (lots of adulterous sex causing an STD epidemic), one would expect to at least find some gratuitous T&A and sex scenes to help ease the boredom of the movie. No sir, there's not a single bit of nudity to be found, and the only sort of sex scene that we witness is Roddy laying in bed with a lady and discussing how great it was. Had the gore scenes been taken out, this movie could easily have been released with a PG-13 rating, no questions asked. The aforementioned gore is the only saving grace for this film; each shot is excellently done, with plenty of bloodshed to be found gushing from the wounds. There's also some pretty unusual killings to be found here... a mother eats her infant child, and two mothers tear a cat in half in full view of the camera as a few examples. One doesn't normally see violence towards children or animals in movies, but both are embraced by the director here, which was a move I have to give him credit for.

Had the movie had something going for it in terms of more storyline or more action, things could have been a lot better. As it stands, the movie has a couple of great scenes padded out with a huge amount of mindless chit-chat. If the running time of this movie had been in the range of twenty-thirty minutes with each of those great scenes included, the rating would have been much higher... however, since the movie ran for ninety minutes and actually caused me to fall asleep due to sheer boredom, I can't give this one much higher than a 3/10.
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