Orgazmo (1997)

DVD Cover (Rogue Pictures)
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Overall Rating 67%
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Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Dian Bachar
Dian Bachar
Robyn Lynne Raab
Robyn Lynne Raab
Michael Dean Jacobs
Michael Dean Jacobs
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
Review by Chad
Added: April 22, 2005
Joe Young (director Trey Parker) is a devout Mormon who is living in Los Angeles for missionary work and who is also trying to raise some cash to marry his girlfriend Lisa (Robyn Lynne) in a big church wedding. His missionary work is your typical Mormon deal... go door-to-door to peoples houses and try to talk to them about the glory of God. One of the houses that he stops by is that of Maxxx Orbison (Michael Dean Jacobs), a big-time porno director. Maxxx isn't too happy that someone had the nerve to come knocking on his door while he was trying to film his latest film, entitled "Captain Orgazmo", so he sends out some of his guards to cut off Joe's balls. Unbeknownst to both Maxxx and the guards, however, Joe is an expert in the martial arts and takes out the guards with ease. Maxxx is impressed with Joe's fighting abilities, and figures that he would be perfect in the leading role of his movie as Captain Orgazmo. Joe, being the extremely religious person that he is, turns down his offer as starring in a porno film would be quite sinful... but when Maxxx offers him twenty-thousand dollars to take the part and promises that Joe won't actually have to have sex with anyone (they'll use a stunt-cock for his sex scenes), Joe decides to do it for Jesus and hope that Lisa doesn't find out what sort of movie he's actually appearing in. Along the way, Joe will meet up with G-Fresh, a Japanese rapper who owns a sushi bar. G-Fresh's store is located next door to a dance-club, and the people who own the club want to purchase the sushi bar in order to expand their own business. G-Fresh doesn't want to sell, but the owners of the club make his life a living hell until he finally agrees. Now, in the Orgazmo film, Captain Orgazmo uses an Orgazmorator to thwart his enemies... a device strapped to his arm that causes his enemies to instantly have an orgasm, giving Orgazmo ample time to kick their asses. Ben Chapleski (aka Choda-Boy, played by Dian Bachar), his side-kick in the Orgazmo movie, has devised a real version of the orgazmorator, so Captain Orgazmo and Choda-Boy take their super-hero gig out of the movies and into real life in order to get G-Fresh his sushi bar back.

Just one month after South Park debuted on Comedy Central, this movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. However, it wouldn't get a widespread release until South Park exploded in popularity. I find the fact that the main reason this film finally got a widespread release was simply due to Trey Parker's name being attached to it to be a bit sad, as the movie itself was great. I'm sure that the NC-17 rating didn't help motivate the higher-ups to put this out on a widely available disc, but really, I don't see why it wound up with that harsh of a rating. Throughout the film, we see a couple of very brief glimpses of breasts, a couple of male asses, and a few sex toys. I've seen far worse in R-rated films, so why this one wound up with an NC-17 is completely beyond me.

If you're a fan of South Park, you'll know what kind of humor Trey Parker specializes in. Crude humor, a mixture of fart jokes, and some disgusting visuals make up the majority of the gags here, so if you enjoy South Park, you'll likely enjoy this one as well. If you can't stand South Park, you'll most likely not enjoy this film that much either. However, with that said, this doesn't feel anything at all like an episode of South Park... sure, the style of humor is pretty similar, and we even have the Japanese restaurant owner, but this storyline is far, far away from the little town of South Park, Colorado. In Trey's typical style, everyone and everything is fair game to be made fun of... with religion and the adult industry being the obvious main targets here. There's some great jokes to be had at the expense of both sides though, so neither group comes off as looking worse than the other, a trait that actually shocked me regarding this film.

The acting that is to be found in this film, with the star of the show (literally and figuratively) being Trey Parker in the lead role. Fans of South Park can already tell you that the man is a genius when it comes to writing comedic material, but the man can perform the material just as well. Matt Stone, Trey's sidekick in the South Park world, also turns up in a small role as Dave the photographer, and does an equally good job with his acting abilities. Dian Bachar (Choda-Boy) also turns in an excellent performance, stealing a good number of scenes with his sidekick antics throughout the film. Rounding out the cast is a huge slew of cameo appearances from stars of porno world, with the most notable being Ron Jeremy in a surprisingly big role in the film. Ron will never be known for his "legit" acting abilities, but he did a good enough job here in his role as, what else, a porn star. Lloyd Kaufman also turns up in a very short cameo spot near the end of the film, which was a definite treat to see in a non-Troma film.

If you're a fan of South Park, you'll eat this one up. If you're a fan of crude comedy, you'll likely enjoy this one as well. If you're in the market for a polished, Hollywood teen-comedy to watch with your parents, you'd be well-advised to look elsewhere. 9/10.
Ktik #1: Ktik - added 04/24/2005, 07:38 PM
"with the star of the show (literally and figuratively) being Trey Stone in the lead role."

Trey Parker.
Chad #2: Chad - added 04/25/2005, 12:47 AM
Holy typo, batcock.
Strait Killa #3: Strait Killa - added 11/13/2008, 07:43 PM
Didn't do much for me. Trey Parker was pretty much the lamest person in the film, although Matt Stone was hilarious.
Lucid Dreams #4: Lucid Dreams - added 11/22/2010, 03:07 AM
This was really fucking stupid and great all at the same time 8/10
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