When Nature Calls (1985)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Charles Kaufman Charles Kaufman
David Orange David Orange
Barbara Marineau Barbara Marineau
Nicky Beim Nicky Beim
Tina Marie Staiano Tina Marie Staiano
David Strathairn David Strathairn

4.9 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres / Traits: Comedy, Parody / Spoof, Satire, Bears
When construction worker Greg becomes fed-up with his foreman and the "city life", he takes his wife and kids on a wilderness adventure. --IMDb
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Review by Christopher
Added: March 09, 2004
Three "Never To Be Seen At This Theater" trailers start up the movie. The most memorable being the first movie ever made in blind-o-vision entitled "Gena's Story." There's a guy at the top right of the screen in an oval that's suppose to be telling the movie to the blind people. But he's blind himself and just sits there smoking. When the director starts yelling at him, he flips out and just starts yelling out what's happening. It eventually ends with the guy carrying on about what's happening.

Onward to the feature presentation. The working-class joe, Greg, is working on a construction site when he tells off his boss and goes home to tell his family that they are going to live in the wilderness for awhile. On their way there they see several signs. One of 'Bear Right' as there's a bear on the right of the road going to the bathroom. And they pass by a naked lady holding a 'Bare Breasts' sign. When they make it to the woods, they begin their journey. As Greg's walking through the woods, the soon to guide, Weejun, takes a nasty fall and the family takes him in to help him get health.

During that time, Greg's daughter falls in love with a bear and they eventually have sex. His son comes in contact with a cougar that Weejun has to fight off. There's not much of the wife, but every chance there is, Greg is trying to grope her. The wife is always ready for him with such tricks as putting a mouse trap in her back pocket, so when he tries to grab her rear, snap! Once Weejun is fully recovered, he returns to his home and informs the family that the cougar is back and he's pissed. Even with the cougar surrounding the house, the family decides they want to stay (after them complaining about it through the two years they were there). Then their plans spoiled when their neighbors start moving in.

As you can tell, not your average comedy film here. The movie revolves around non-stop goofiness. There's interviews conducted with various people through the film with people that knew the family in some way or another. The first two or three actually talked about the family and why they moved to the outdoors. Everyone else seemed to have their own story about whatever came to mind. The family had their fair share of comedy too, as mentioned earlier. The only downer with the movie is that the word "fuck" is bleeped. Not that it's said very often, but it's still very uncalled for. Especially for Troma.

Final Conclusion: 7/10
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