聲gel Negro (2000)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Genres: Horror, Supernatural Thriller, Thriller
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Jorge Olgu璯 Jorge Olgu璯
翼varo Morales 翼varo Morales
Andrea Freund Andrea Freund
Blanca Lewin Blanca Lewin
Juan Pablo Bastidas Juan Pablo Bastidas
Fernando Gallardo Fernando Gallardo

4.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: March 17, 2004
It's graduation day for seven high school kids (Gabriel, Angel, Carolina, Miguel, Lorena, Rafael, Juez). The first five minutes of the movie is showing a black and white video recorded by the kids. Them driving to the beach and when they are actually at the beach. Angel gets killed but it's not actually shown. After the video is over, it's a cut scene to Gabriel doing an autopsy on Juez. That passes, the next day, Juez is the one getting an autopsy. Now it's Miguel's turn to end up like his friends. As he's going into a hotel to meet a hooker, he's confronted by the masked killer. He's then stabbed to death. The next morning, there's Gabriel giving another autopsy.

Carolina, Miguel's wife, was in the main office at the coroner's when Gabriel went in there to give his report. They go out to eat afterwards and Gabriel explains to her how he thinks this is all because of Angel's death. Of course, she doesn't believe him. She tells her to get ahold of Lorena. As he departs, she goes to a detective to answer a few questions he had about the murder. He calls in Detective Ruiz, another detective that's on the Miguel case. She also asks Ruiz to find Carolina. Afterwards, Carolina asks for Gabriel to meet her again, this time at her house. This time he explains to her what really happened at the beach that day.

Not getting through to Carolina, he whips out the video cassette Miguel was recording on that day. It shows how Angel really died. Carolina finally understands and Gabriel high tales it out of there. Lorena is finally shown, chatting it up with one of her work mates while leaving to go home. As her friend departs, she makes it to her car alone. Where the masked killer is shown again. Running away from the killer, she runs into a cop. He gets killed by several stab wounds. The killer grabs his gun and makes his way to Lorena. She dies from being shot in the neck so many times that her head is seperated from her body. That narrows the killer to being Carolina or Gaberiel. Or did Angel survive the so called death at the beach?

Good acting on everyones part, which is rare in most cases. The dead bodies Gabriel had to do an autopsy on looked very real. Well, they were, kind of. Each person acted as their own corpse. Each had several wounds and looked as if they were really dead. When it came to the three shown killings, it wasn't too graphic. Close up knife stabbings were covered by clothes and the gun shots were only heard. A little blood was shown here and there though. It had the average suspense horror theme. Masked killer, kept you guessing who it was, everything was revealed at the end. Unlike most suspense horrors, this one was very fast paced. Everything came together very nicely.

The movie is presented in the original spanish language it was filmed in. There for english subtitled were made. Never a problem, foreign films blow chunks when they're dubbed. Anyway, the subtitles on this are completely white which makes them very easy to blend in with any light colored image. Especially in the black and white scenes where the white is ultra bright. The subtitles can't be read in a good amount of the film. The could have been easily solved by putting a thin black outline around the words. That not being the case, a lot of lines were missed. As luck would have it, none of them seemed to be important to story.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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