The Perils Of Slave Leia (2015)

DVD Cover (Anastasia Pierce Productions)
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Connections: Star Wars

In Episode 1: Slave Leia was held captive by the evil Lapo the Bhutt The merciless and cruel warden made her a slave and put her through countless misery and painful protocols. She nearly lost her life in the hands of this cruel feature.

In Episode 2: She remains prisoner across the galaxy in a secret space prison. When Lady Vader got word that the princess had been captured she offered a hefty amount for her life and now Lady Vader owns the princess. Princess Leia fate is now in the hands of Lady Vader head of the Empire. There is no signs of the Rebels ever finding Princess Leia in the far reaches of space.

Lady Vader will do everything in her power including using the force to convince Slave Leia to become her ally. Slave Leia will continue to remain helpless unable to resist the many sexual torments and countless humiliating practices Lady Vader will be putting her through. BUT that's until.. she escapes! --Official Site
Amelea Dark
Amelea Dark
Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia Pierce
Dee Severe
Dee Severe
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