Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

DVD Cover (UK)
Genres: Creature Film, Horror, Supernatural Horror
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Jack Sholder Jack Sholder
Holly Fields Holly Fields
Chris Weber Chris Weber
Al Foster Al Foster
Andrew Divoff Andrew Divoff
Vyto Ruginis Vyto Ruginis
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5.5 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: April 25, 2004
So after the Djinn was imprisoned inside the opal in the last movie, the statue ended up in a museum instead of Robert Englund's collection. We start out the movie seeing a robbery in progress at this very museum, and one of the robbers breaks a glass display case. As he breaks it, alarms go off, and out come the police to stop them. Shots are fired, people die, and one of the robbers bumps into the statue, knocking it over and exposing the opal. He grabs it and runs, only to be shot down by the coppers. As he's dying, he hands the opal over to another robber, who just so happens to be his girlfriend. She accidentally drops it and it breaks, releasing the Djinn. Now that the Djinn is free, that chick (the sole robber still alive) escapes, and the Djinn (in human form) takes the rap for the robbery and is put in jail; and what better place to find people who have wants, than in a jail?

The "rules" have changed up a bit in this movie. In the original, whomever released the Djinn got three wishes, and after the third, the Djinn's would rule the earth. That has changed here, as now, the Djinn needs one thousand and one people to make wishes so he can get their souls, and then whomever released him has to make the final three wishes. That change wasn't too big of a deal, just different.

They got the same guy to come back and play the part of the Djinn, which was great, as he is awesome in that role. A lot more goodness was to be had from him, although the rest of the main cast didn't match up. The main chick who released the Djinn, well... she was hotter than hell and stayed scantily clad for the first portion of the movie, but whenever she opened her mouth, she just shot everything to hell and back. Likewise with the preacher, but he was more annoying than horrible.

Speaking of the preacher, they put way too much emphasis on the religion aspect of everything here. I could deal with one trip to the preacher and having him tag along, but they just stretched that whole bit way too far, as it got quite old halfway through the movie and never really let up. It did lead to one great scene however, when the preacher tried to use the power of God to stop the evil Djinn. Classic moment there. Other than the religion crap, the movie flowed quite nicely. The jail house wishes were some of the best in the movie, and that's also where most of the great moments of the flick happened. Things started to drag a bit after leaving there and coming up against the Russian mob, but that was a relatively short sequence. After all this, the Djinn heads to a casino, as people there would be ripe for the picking. This led to one of the worst uses of special effects that I have ever seen put on film, as some events led to a flood of locusts overtaking the casino. Now, these locusts were nothing more than black dots floating around the screen, looking for all the world like tiny, animated ink blots. Definitely not nice, but again, it can be overlooked.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first movie in the series, I see no reason why this one wouldn't be enjoyed as well. Same basic storyline, same evil wishes, same guy in the same role, but the religion aspect docks a point. 6/10.
Crispy #1: Crispy - added 09/10/2004, 08:30 AM
The guy who plays the Djinn has one of the creepiest voices i've ever heard. I love it
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