WEW: Women's Extreme Wrestling, Vols. 1-4 (2003)

DVD Cover (Brentwood)
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Sports, Wrestling, Wrestling: Women

4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Wrestling has never seen what you are going to see with WEW... dynamite matches blood and lots of physical contact. First off... If you're looking for some kiddy wrestling crap this ain't it! In fact if you aren't 18 years or older be a good little turd and go do your homework or help mommy with the laundry. Women's Extreme Wrestling (a.k.a. WEW) is going on the road and may actually show up at some depraved dive in your area but if not you can come along on the tour right here. For the first time on DVD you're going to get a close up look at the insanely hot crew that gives WEW its #1 ranking! --Amazon
Review by Chad
Added: March 25, 2004
What's the most popular part of wrestling in most peoples eyes? The women, of course. So why not make a wrestling promotion with what these people want; lots of women, nudity, all with an extreme edge. Does it work?

Not really, on this particular set anyway. It has four events, one on each side of a disc. Each event is just shy of an hour, about fifty-five minutes long. Why they didn't just put two episodes on one side of each disc is beyond me, but they insisted on putting out those damned double-sided DVD's that I hate so much. But that's not really the point of this review, so eh. Anyway, the actual wrestling part of the events is pretty ass, as could be expected. Most of the ladies in these videos aren't too grand in the ring, but really, most don't seem to care about that. The T&A is the important part, so that should be delivered in spades, right? Wrong.

There's a few hot ladies to be found here, but for some reason, the hotter they are, the less time they get. There's a drop-dead gorgeous woman in a schoolgirl outfit, and she only got about two minutes of time out of the entire four hours. With that said, there's a five-hundred-pound-plus redneck guy who seems to be out and about every ten minutes, and most of the longer matches involve either a obese redneck woman, or a butch biker gal, or a manly black lady (think Chyna was manly?), or... you get the point. Then there's a few matches with some decent enough looking women, but these are always cut short for one reason or another.

On to the editing side of things. Whoever put this stuff together should be shot. There's a few scenes where some ladies would flash the crowds, but all of this is edited out. Now, I understand why this would have to be done on TV, but on a DVD? That's just lame. There's a few spots where something really nice would start to happen, and the video would just cut to a few minutes later in the match. For example, in one segment, this guy is about to do some jumping off stacks of tables, but just as he gets them set up, it cuts to the aftermath. Insanity. On the plus though, there is a few nice matches in their entirety, with some chicks who bleed quite alot. Those were definitely a highlight.

If you really dig women in wrestling, you *might* enjoy this. It was alright, but nothing I'd buy more of. 3/10.
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Busted In Miami Extreme Hofare, Vol. 1 Queen Ho Of The Ring WEW Makes, The PWO Takes
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