At Dawn They Sleep (2000)

DVD Cover (Video Outlaw)
Brian Paulin Brian Paulin
Tanya Hennesy Tanya Hennesy
Brian Paulin Brian Paulin
Rich George Rich George
Ryan Donaldson Ryan Donaldson
Rich Borges Rich Borges

2.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Thriller, Vampire Film
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Review by Chad
Added: June 04, 2005
I always knew that those damned angels were up to no good, and this movie proves it. Stephen (director Brian Paulin) and Ian (Rich George) are two drug-dealers who are involved in a bitter war with their drug-dealing rival Billy Rae Douglas. Numerous shootings and murders occur as a result of this war, but this is just a typical work-day for our heroes. Things change, however, when the two men pick up a few ladies (Jill Cordeiro and Jen Glendye) and bring them home for a little fun of the adult nature, if you catch my drift. It seems that both ladies have a nice set of fangs going on, and both ladies bite their respective male partner of the evening. When the two men meet up with each other the next morning, they find out that they both had a similar experience with their chosen ladies, and they also find out that the both of them are quite sick. The men think that the women have poisoned them, the home audience thinks that the women were vampires, and both sides anxiously await the grand revelation. When said revelation comes, however, it's not quite what us viewers were expecting... and it's certainly not what these two gentlemen were thinking. The ladies that bit them were angels and, as they explain, created vampires in order to wipe out the human race. You see, after God banished the demons to Hell back in the olden days, the angels wanted Earth to themselves, but God decided that it would be best to give it to the humans. The angels are pissed, and have set out to destroy each and every last human on the planet by creating an army of vampires. The two men set out wreaking havoc on their town and it appears as though the angels' plan is carrying out without a problem... that is, however, until the demons from Hell step in. The demons are satisfied with the way that the three worlds (Heaven, Earth, and Hell) currently exist, and intend to put a stop to the angels' plans. Who will these two vampires side with?

Now there's the type of storyline that you don't see too often, and it definitely delivers on the goods. The thing that I enjoyed the most during this film was the way that director Brian Paulin mixed the action and gore sequences with a really great storyline. I've noticed that a good percentage of indie horror usually manages to deliver on one of those or the other, but rarely both in the same film. That is far from the case here, however. Action fans will not be disappointed by the various scenes involving shoot-outs, sword-fights, and explosions, while the gore-hounds definitely won't be disappointed when they see the numerous gun-shots to the head, a priest being torn apart with a cross, and a nun having her pussy eaten out (quite literally). None of these scenes force the storyline off to the side though, as each part fits into the grand scheme of things. The excellent and original storyline is constantly changing and delivering new twists as the scenes go by, leaving the viewer anticipating the next scene just to see what in the hell is going to happen next.

Brian Paulin is all over this film. The man wrote it, directed it, produced it, starred in it, and also did all(?) of the special effects. That's a lot of hats to wear in one movie, but the end result was one fantastic film that horror fans should not miss. If this movie is any indication, the man seems to be a big fan of the horror genre, unlike certain other people who think that they can jump from comedy or big-budget / no-brain action films into our beloved genre. When you take someone with that love of horror who also happens to have some great directing skills and then put a camera in their hand, the results usually turn out something like this.

This is a must-see for fans of indie horror, regardless of whether you're a fan of the intelligent storyline type of horror or the gore-soaked bloodbath side of things. I happen to enjoy both, so when a movie can incorporate both aspects into one eighty-minute film and have it work out so wonderfully, it does nothing but put a smile on my face. 9/10.
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