Demon Sex (2005)

DVD Cover (Video Outlaw)
Greg Lewolt Greg Lewolt
Brinke Stevens Brinke Stevens
Vesper Burnett Vesper Burnett
Tuesday Coren Tuesday Coren
Toby Dammit Toby Dammit
J. Scott Bovitz J. Scott Bovitz

2.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Alien Film, Horror, Sci-Fi Horror, Science Fiction, Sex Horror
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Review by Chad
Added: June 06, 2005
Brinke Stevens stars in this sexploitation / sci-fi / horror film, in which we learn that there used to be an alien race inhabiting the earth long before man came to be. A race of aliens known as the Gray's came to earth from a far-away solar system and made a new breed of aliens to inhabit the earth, aliens which looked strikingly similar to human females. The Gray's left this new breed on earth as they went back to their own solar system, and everything was good... until man came along and killed off all of the remaining aliens. This brings us to modern-times, where we find out that Brinke Stevens (I didn't catch her character name) is the leader of a cult of females dedicated to bringing the race of aliens back to life by using DNA samples from the one remaining alien skull. After the DNA has been extracted, they plan to inject it into pregnant women so that their children will not be the humans that the mothers were expecting, but instead, alien beings which will eventually take over the world. Brinke plans to bring the species back one birth at a time, and someday, rule the world along with these aliens and the other females of earth... and to make slaves of the few remaining males.

The above paragraph describes the storyline in its near entirety. The first chunk of the paragraph (everything prior to "modern-times") is revealed through an opening narrative that runs for about five minutes, and the rest is revealed in small pieces as the film progresses. This film is labeled as "Sex Horror", and for good reason - storyline and plot development take up about twenty minutes of the total ninety-minute running time, while the rest is used to show gratuitous sex scenes. We're treated to straight M/F sex, strippers going at it solo, and a few lesbian scenes as these scenes fly by, although it never gets above the softcore level; there's nothing here that you wouldn't see on late-night HBO.

Yep, there's lots of sex and plenty of T&A. However, this movie does have a bit of horror to go along with that "Sex Horror" label. A few of the ladies involved with the cult have boyfriends, and since the theme of the cult is killing off the males of the planet, each lady who is involved with someone has to dispose of their significant other. Brinke also gets quite upset with a few men that she runs into and dispatches of them with ease. These scenes don't slack on the gore, and definitely came off as being the best parts of the movie. The best part, in my humble opinion, is when one of the ladies needed to get some blood from another lady to give to the pregnant woman that was staying at the house. This blood wasn't taken by something as simple as a needle, however; no sir, the blood was removed from the donor's body courtesy of a hellacious number of knife slashes to every part of her body.

If you enjoy sex horror along the lines of Entrails Of A Virgin without all of the tentacle / alien sex, you couldn't go wrong with this one. There's plenty of hot ladies, a heaping helping of sex-scenes, and just enough horror / sci-fi elements to keep it moving along nicely. 5/10.
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