Hellraiser: Deader (2005)

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Overall Rating 47%
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Connections: Hellraiser

In London, after investigating crack addicted junkies for an article in her newspaper, Amy Klein watches a bizarre videotape where an underground group of youngsters in Bucharest apparently becoming zombies. Amy finds Marla dead with a puzzle cube in her hands. She brings the object to her hotel room, and opens it, beginning her journey to hell. --TMDb
Kari Wuhrer
Kari Wuhrer
Paul Rhys
Paul Rhys
Simon Kunz
Simon Kunz
Marc Warren
Marc Warren
Georgina Rylance
Georgina Rylance
Review by Chad
Added: June 12, 2005
In the seventh installment of the Hellraiser franchise, we find undercover reporter Amy Klein (Kari Wuhrer) investigating a cult known as the Deaders. The investigation begins when her boss receives a video tape showing a young lady who, while surrounded by cult members, commits suicide by means of a gunshot to the head. As she lays there, dead and gushing blood, a man known only as Winter (Paul Rhys) lifts her head up and puts his mouth to hers. She continues bleeding, but soon comes back to life. At this point, the tape ends and Amy's journey begins.

Amy decides that the best way to begin her investigation is to check out the return address from the envelope. This leads her to an apartment in Romania, where she finds three things - another video tape, the infamous box, and the corpse of Marla (Georgina Rylance), the lady who sent the original tape. Those three findings aren't enough to convince Amy that forgetting about this story may be one of the better ideas of the day, so she takes the tape and the box back to her hotel room. Contained on this tape is a shot of Marla speaking to whomever may find this video, and begging of them to help the others. She mentions that the viewer should find a man named Joey (Marc Warren) and ask him how to proceed. Joey is found, he leads Amy to the Deader cult, and she finds out exactly what is going on with Winter and his gang.

To begin the actual review segment of this entry, I think it's necessary to point out the origins of the script. Written by Neal Marshall Stevens and Tim Day, the movie was supposed to be a stand-alone horror film. The executives decided that they liked the script and saw some potential in it, but figured that it would be better suited to the Hellraiser universe. As a result, we wound up not with the brand spanking new movie that Stevens and Day originally envisioned, but instead, a Hellraiser sequel. The result of all this is a movie that is quite good as a stand-alone horror movie, but fans of Pinhead and the Lament Configuration may walk away from this disappointed. While the box itself is integrated pretty heavily into the storyline, Pinhead (as always, played by Doug Bradley) and his fellow cenobites don't fare too well; by the time the credits start rolling, we've seen them on screen for a grand total of four minutes and have heard Pinhead utter somewhere in the neighborhood of ten sentences. If you go pick up "Deader" expecting a true Hellraiser sequel, the chances of you walking away pleased with your rental or purchase decision are pretty low; however, if you're in the market for a pretty good horror film that just so happens to feature Pinhead and the box, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Prior to renting this, I read a lot of claims that this was an extremely low-budget film with horrible effects and such. This is going to be another review where I ask the "What in the hell were these people smoking?" question to these reviewers. Granted, this is not a billion-dollar Hollywood production, but it's far from being low-budget. The special effects look quite nice (with the exception of one horribly done CGI sequence), there's plenty of gore, and of course, plenty of bizarre imagery littering the backdrops. The acting is also pretty good, with Kari Wuhrer doing a convincing enough job in the lead role. I doubt she'll ever win any awards for her performance here, but it was acceptable by yours truly.

Overall, it's a decent movie; it's not great, it's not awful, but it is decent. Fans of horror may enjoy it, while those looking for more cenobite goodness may be disappointed. 6/10.
pr0ph3t #1: pr0ph3t - added 08/01/2005, 06:36 AM
I absolutely love the Hellraiser series. though I really am starting to miss Pinhead's less and less involvment. I actually met Doug Bradley not that long ago.. he is a really cool guy
Ginose #2: Ginose - added 03/06/2006, 11:08 AM
I really did enjoy this movie. But I can't really call it a Hellraiser film. I did thoroughly enjoy the ending, though.
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