Bling Bling: Bling-A-Long (2005)

DVD Cover (Indecline)
Ryen McPherson Ryen McPherson
Bling Bling Bling Bling

6.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Bloopers & Candid Camera, Comedy, Musical Comedy
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Review by Chad
Added: August 05, 2005
Bling Bling, the lovable crackhead from Bumfights, gets time to shine in his own thirty-minute DVD. He was supposedly locked up for his drug usage, and during his time behind bars, he wrote an albums worth of songs. Now that he's back on the streets, we see a few videos that have been made for the songs along with the usual hijinks from Bling and the Indecline crew. If you've seen Bumfights, this one runs pretty much along the same lines... except, without all of the fighting bums. If you're one of the three people out there who haven't seen Bumfights, imagine Jackass turned up a notch or two or fifty. Some of the highlights of the disc include the crew getting in trouble at their local Wal*Mart, a discussion about Bling's inability to get an erection, watching Bling attempt to get to a plate of crack while chained to a pole, Bling's hypnosis-induced alien abduction story, the grand finale consisting of Bling's turning to God, and of course, the music videos dreamt up by, shot by, sung by, and starring a genuine crackhead.

I highly enjoyed Bumfights, so of course, I had to pick up this disc. Was it worth it? Well... kinda. Most of the material here will definitely appeal to fans of Bumfights, and there's a good deal of absolutely hilarious scenes. There's two problems with the disc, however. The first problem is the main attraction of the DVD - the music videos. Some of them are great, and some of the songs will definitely get stuck in your head. However, the other half of the videos just get dull and quickly start dragging along, leaving you to contemplate hitting the fast-forward button. Watching the guy have sex with mannequins and play around in a playground was pretty funny at first, but when you've seen it for a solid five minutes... well, it gets a bit old.

The second problem is the amount of material on the disc. The movie is selling for eighteen bucks over on Amazon, but there's hardly anything on the disc. You get the feature presentation which runs for just a bit over a half hour, and then there's two minute-long trailers for other Indecline releases. Paying for a full-price DVD which doesn't even contain forty minutes worth of material seems a bit crazy to yours truly, and I'm certainly glad that I didn't plunk down my cash for this release. I feel that the Indecline kids could have shot some more material for the feature presentation, or packed some bonus features in, or something to pad out the DVD. I mean, the guy is a homeless crackhead if the producers are to be believed... I don't think it would have been too hard to get some more footage of him.

If you enjoyed Bumfights, you'll likely enjoy this one. The style of humor is the same, the "nasty" shots are still intact (watch for Bling getting his penis pierced... ouch), and watching a crackhead is generally pretty funny. The problem here is that, I believe, the Indecline guys banked on the Bumfights name selling copies of this disc and as such, they didn't put too much effort into it. It's good while it lasts, but I wouldn't recommend tracking this down to anyone but the hardcore Bumfights-fans due to the "that's it?" feeling when the credits start to roll. 5/10.
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