The Witches Of Breastwick (2005)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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A man and wife are sucked into a whirlpool (in the wife's case, hot tub) of supernatural sex by a trio of randy, well-endowed witches. --IMDb
Joe Souza
Joe Souza
Monique Parent
Monique Parent
John Henry Richardson
John Henry Richardson
Jodie Moore
Jodie Moore
Glori-Anne Gilbert
Glori-Anne Gilbert
Review by Chad
Added: October 11, 2005
This adult parody of "The Witches Of Eastwick" centers around David Carter (Matt Dalpiaz), a man who has been having recurring dreams involving the same three ladies who, in each dream, seduce him before stabbing him to death. Not a very pleasant dream to wake up from every night, so David decides to get to the bottom of things by going to the place in his dreams (a wooded area that he recognizes as a real place) and seeing what he finds. He takes his wife Tiffany (Monique Parent) along with him, and soon after they find the place in his dream, his car breaks down. Since their cell phone isn't working, they decide to hike over to a nearby house and ask to use their phone... and find out that the same three ladies from his dream are living in this house. It turns out that these witches - Rebecca (Glori-Anne Gilbert), Felicia (Stormy Daniels), and Lola (Julie K. Smith) - lured him here through these dreams, but why?

I've never seen The Witches Of Eastwick, so I can't say how well this movie parodies it or how many elements from the original found their way into the storyline. However, the movie does stand well on its own as an adult thriller, and fans of this genre shouldn't walk away disappointed. While there is a surprising amount of storyline thrown in when compared to Wynorski's last effort (Lust Connection, which also used the same house as this movie), make no mistake about it... this is still true to the "adult" part of the title. David ends up having his way with his wife and each of the witches before the credits roll, and there's also a number of lesbian scenes involving the four main ladies. There's also a mystery lady (Taimie Hannum) that shows up midway through the plot to get in on the action, so there's certainly no lack of the sex scenes from this film.

Jim Wynorski (or H.R. Blueberry, as he's credited here) has a good number of these softcore films under his belt, but I've personally only seen two of them. However, the problems that I had with the sex scenes in Lust Connection have been remedied here, so I'm not sure if one movie or the other was a fluke. They were definitely much more entertaining here, as they've been shortened a bit to speed things up (no more of that "c'mon, finish up already" mindset during the action) and while the techno music is still found in a few of the scenes, the tunes chosen actually compliment the movie rather nicely instead of distracting the viewer from the ongoing events. As I mentioned, I'm not an expert when it comes to the man's work... but I will say that Lust Connection was either a low-point in his career, or that he has considerably changed his style for the better with The Witches Of Breastwick.

In closing, I'd like to repeat a line that I used in my review of Lust Connection: "If you're looking for a riveting storyline or engaging performances from the talent involved, this (both the movie at hand and the genre itself) may be one you'd want to steer clear of." That statement holds true with this movie, but to be fair, it'd apply to nearly every movie from the genre. You're either a fan of them or you're not, and I think that the fans would definitely enjoy this entry. 7/10.
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