Mummy Raider (2002)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Connections: Tomb Raider

Misty, the Mummy Raider must battle an evil Neo Nazi scientist and an ancient, powerful mummy trying to raise the Fourth Reich --IMDb
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Darian Caine
Darian Caine
Ruby Larocca
Ruby Larocca
Bruce G. Hallenbeck
Bruce G. Hallenbeck
Michael O'Reilly
Michael O'Reilly
Review by Chad
Added: October 20, 2005
Misty Mundae stars as herself in this semi-parody of Tomb Raider... only, instead of having Lara Croft searching for ancient artifacts, we have Misty battling ancient mummies. It all starts when Misty's father leaves her a note telling her that she should stay out of his study, since he's currently working on a top-secret project that even she can't find out about. Naturally, Misty thinks that daddy has a surprise for her and is using this as an excuse to keep her from finding out about it, so she decides to investigate and finds a mummy laying on the floor covered in a blanket. What makes this mummy special, however, is that it has an enormous erection (which is also wrapped in bandages), and Misty, being the little vixen that she is, believes this to be daddy's present to her. She gets to work on pleasuring herself with the mummified penis, but unbeknownst to her, all this mummy needs to be reborn is the "juice" of a young female. The ensuring battle sets up the back-story of Misty's mummy-battling ways, and this leads her to Berlin, where she must battle the evil Dr. Humboldt (Ruby Larocca), a Nazi who intends to bring about the fourth Reich by resurrecting the mummy of King Thotep. As if the fourth Reich wasn't bad enough, Dr. Humboldt has also kidnapped Misty's girlfriend Kristen (Darian Caine)... so with all of that on Misty's shoulders, the cat-fighting and mummy-destroying is about to begin.

Before getting into my thoughts on this movie, I'd like to point out that I watched the European version of this movie. The Americans in the audience can now obtain this cut of the movie on the recently-released "Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection" box-set from Seduction Cinema, which is exactly what I did for this review. This version of the movie runs about thirty minutes longer than the previous release of the movie, so needless to say, it's an almost entirely different film than the American cut. I've not seen the American release, so I can't point out what all was cut from it... however, my thoughts and statements may not match up with this version of the film depending on what all was cut from it. Keep that in mind if you decide to give this movie a shot.

With that out of the way, fans of Misty Mundae's outings with Seduction Cinema should know what to expect from this entry. There's gratuitous T&A, plenty of lesbian action, and just enough of a storyline to keep it from being nothing more than a softcore porno. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you... the fans know how these films work out, but I thought it was only fair to point this out to anyone naive enough to think that this was going to run along the same lines of the original Tomb Raider. However, there's actually more of storyline here than even the fans would expect, which also came as a shock to yours truly. The film starts out with a good amount of solo action from Misty before moving in to the aforementioned Misty / mummy action, but the chunk of film between that point and the final scene is nothing but storyline. Sure, there's some nudity involved, but there's no drawn-out sex scenes entwined there. This will either be a positive or a negative depending on why you watch these films, but for me, it kept things interesting and moving along smoothly. Off subject here, but I'd also like to point out that the main mummy looks quite nice thanks to the talents of Brian Paulin (well, I assume he was responsible for the effects in this film since he handled them in his others). If you take a look at the DVD cover, you'll see what looks to be an early version of this mummy's costume... trust me, he looks a whole hell of a lot better in the actual film.

Once again, this is a Misty Mundae film that will definitely keep her fans entertained and wanting more. She has that innocent, girl-next-door look down pat, and coupled with some pretty interesting storylines for the softcore genre, it's easy to see why she's the reigning queen of erotica. 8/10.
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