Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation (2001)

DVD Cover (Universal)
Documentary, Film & Television History, Horror, Media Studies, Trailer / Footage Compilation
Andrew Robinson Andrew Robinson
Grace Kirby Grace Kirby
Ashley Laurence Ashley Laurence
Doug Bradley Doug Bradley
Nicholas Vince Nicholas Vince

5.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Boogeymen brings together 17 great horror-flick baddies of the last 40 years, ranging from Norman Bates to Leatherface to Freddy Krueger to Chuckie. Accompanying the clips of their dastardly deeds are optional FlixFacts trivia bits and an optional commentary soundtrack from Robert Englund. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: October 30, 2005
This disc features some of the more memorable scenes from some of horror's most popular films. For each film, we get a two to three minute scene from it to get an idea of how the "Boogeyman" star operates, and we also get some optional nice features thrown in for good measure. You can turn on the "FlixFacts" deal which is something along the lines of VH1's Pop-Up Video, detailing production notes and facts about the actors involved with the movie at hand. There's also a commentary track with Robert Englund, better known as the man behind Freddy Krueger's makeup to horror fans. Getting back to the actual feature here, the boogeymen included in the hour-long presentation are:

Pinhead - Hellraiser
Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare On Elm Street
Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Ghostface - Scream
Chucky - Child's Play 2
Candyman - Candyman
Leprechaun - Leprechaun
Simon - The Ugly
Wishmaster - Wishmaster
Camilla - The Guardian
Fisherman - I Know What You Did Last Summer
The Dentist - The Dentist
The Tall Man - Phantasm
Blade - Puppet Master
Norman Bates - Psycho
Jason Voorhees - Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
Michael Myers - Halloween

That's not a bad lineup of movies, to be honest. Sure, there's a few oddballs in there that I would have taken out and replaced with other, more deserving films, but most of the popular classics are there. I expected this to just feature a small clip-show for each "boogeyman" which would detail some of their career highlights, but instead, the producers picked a scene from the movie at hand and showed it in its entirety. This was both a good and a bad choice. It was good, because it helped you get a feel for some of the movies that you may not have seen (The Ugly and The Dentist for yours truly), but it was bad for some of the movies due to the horrid scene selection. Take Candyman's scene choice, for example: instead of using any of the nasty scenes found throughout the movie, we're stuck with him giving a speech to Helen in the garage parking lot. It was a good scene, admittedly, but I would have preferred one that gave a better overview of the character instead. The scene selections are great for most of the movies, but a few of them just caused me to shake my head.

The back of the DVD case promises the viewer "Over 3 hours of entertainment", but that's not entirely true unless you watch the segment three times; once as the normal presentation, once with the FlixFacts, and once with the commentary. There are some bonus features here, but there's not even an hours worth of these to make up the difference between the hour-long presentation and that three hour claim. The bonus features are interesting enough; we get a "Legends of the Boogeymen" segment, which is plain text descriptions of each of the villains from the movies found on the disc. Nothing too fancy, but it was well-written by people with knowledge of the movies at hand instead of some Hollywood fluff-writers. Next up is a "Name That Frame" trivia game which, as the name would imply, shows a frame from one of the movies on the disc and asks you to guess which film its from. There's supposedly over a hundred movie stills to choose from, but I quit messing with this after about ten or so. The final feature is a trailer vault, which has the theatrical trailers for each of the films on the disc in addition to Jack Frost 2, Jurassic Park and American Pie. I have no idea how Jurassic Park and American Pie fit into this compilation, but they're there for those who are interested.

So, how was it in the entertainment category? Well, if spending an hour watching scenes from older horror flicks sounds like a good time, then you'd likely enjoy this one. I had a good time watching it, and the FlixFacts were pretty entertaining as well. I found out some interesting (if useless) trivia about a few of my favorite films found here, and again, these were apparently written by someone who knew their stuff instead of some fluff-writer. I watched a small portion of the movie (the Hellraiser segment) with the Robert Englund commentary on, but turned it off after that. For one, I'm not a huge fan of commentary tracks... this one has nothing to do with Englund, it's just my opinion on these tracks in general. However, this one piece of commentary really did nothing to make me want to continue watching. Throughout the entire piece, Englund just gushes on and on about how "cool" the movie is and how "awesome" the special effects were. In one of his very few actual observations about the film, he points out (two or three times) how the female cenobite is Clive Barker's daughter... while the FlixFacts says that she is Barker's cousin. Perhaps this was a bad start and he did a better job later in the disc, but I personally hit the eject button at this point.

Last week, I picked up George Romero's Land Of The Dead from my local Wally World. I had two choices for this DVD purchase: I could get the unrated widescreen version for $19.96, or I could get the unrated widescreen version with this disc attached as a double-disc package for $19.98. Down the rack a bit, I saw this disc by itself for $10. How in the world that pricing scheme worked out, I'll never know... but for two cents, I sure got my moneys worth. 7/10.
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Tristan #1: Tristan - added 09/17/2007, 12:35 AM
Not much in here that I didn't already know, and there were a few characters in here that I'm surprised were considered, but overall, a pretty decent cover of the best of the best. 6.5/10
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