Body Double (1984)

DVD Cover (Sony Home Entertainment Special Edition)
Genres: Erotic Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Thriller
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Brian De Palma Brian De Palma
Craig Wasson Craig Wasson
Melanie Griffith Melanie Griffith
Gregg Henry Gregg Henry
Deborah Shelton Deborah Shelton
Guy Boyd Guy Boyd

6.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: February 26, 2004
This is going to be a tough one to call. It starts out very slow-paced... not much happens at all, except for some good ol' spying. Now, I'm all for some good tit watching, but they went quite overboard with these scenes. A softcore boobfest that stretches for ten minutes, well, I have enough porn if I wanted to watch that. After all that, we watch the main guy stalk this woman through a mall for another fifteen or so, then he kisses up on her outside for another ten, and then... well, you should be getting the point on how these scenes drag by now.

After the woman gets knocked off, it starts to pick up a bit, with our main guy watching some porn and recognizing the chick in there. He hunts her down, and we have another long scene with him getting a part working with her, talking with her, yatta yatta. Then we have the ending scenes, where everything comes together in one grand, shocking finale.

The reason I said this is going to be a tough one to call, is because the storyline was very nice... the acting was decent enough, and the murder scene was well-done. But it was just way too slow, and those scenes drug on and on and on and on and... It seems as though they had a 30 - 45 minute movie, and just extended the scenes to make it full-length.

Overall, not bad, just too slow-paced for my liking. 5/10.
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