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Lust For Frankenstein (1998)

DVD Cover (Shock-O-Rama Cinema)
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Sex Horror, Sexploitation, Softcore Sex Film
Jesús Franco Jesús Franco
Michelle Bauer Michelle Bauer
Lina Romay Lina Romay
Analía Ivars Analía Ivars
Carlos Subterfuge Carlos Subterfuge
Robert King Robert King

3.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Moira Frankenstein, the grand-daughter of noted mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein, has become obsessed with the work of her ancestor and she decides to pick up the family business where he left off. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: January 01, 2006
In this erotic adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, we find that Moira Frankenstein (Lina Romay) is being haunted by the ghost of her grandfather, who is none other than the original Dr. Frankenstein (Carlos Subterfuge) himself. This ghost tells Moira how to go about finishing his work of creating a female monster, points her to some old records (of the vinyl variety) which will give her more insight into the process, and finally tells her the location of the monster itself. It turns out that the monster (who prefers to be called Goddess and is played by Michelle Bauer) was nearly complete, and the only thing it needs to be fully mobilized is human blood. Of course, Moira doesn't hesitate to supply this, and upon doing so, Goddess informs her that she (Moira) is now her master and that she lives to serve her. This sets into a motion a string of erotic encounters between human and monster, as well as a good deal of murder and bloodshed to keep the monster alive.

Since getting his start in the movie business, Jesus Franco has released over two-hundred movies, and that's not even counting the ones that have yet to see the light of day or that he chose to release under untraceable aliases. During his peak, it wasn't unusual for him to produce upwards of a dozen movies per year or more, so needless to say, the man knew a thing or two about the movie-making process. What makes his films so entertaining to his fans isn't necessarily the riveting storylines or thought-provoking scenarios; the selling point of these movies is the atmosphere that he manages to blanket his characters with, and while the casual movie-goer probably wouldn't "get" it and would snub their noses at the vast majority of his work, there's usually something entertaining to be pulled from each release.

Unlike other entries into the softcore market, Franco didn't always take the easy route of putting together a paper-thin storyline and then showing ninety minutes of nudity. Sure, we're not talking about an engaging storyline on par with Pulp Fiction here, and of course, there is plenty of boobs-n-pubes on display here. However, the storyline that moves things along is much deeper than what one would expect going into this feature film, and it's told in such a way that is dreamy, psychedelic, and above all else, entertaining. While I wouldn't consider this to be among the best of Franco's efforts and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to someone who wasn't already a fan of his film-making style, I can safely say that fans of his work will definitely get their moneys worth from this one.

For this review, I watched the upcoming Franco double-feature from Shock-O-Rama. Included in this set is this movie, of course, along with Tender Flesh and a slew of extras. You get the American release of this movie as well as the European cut, behind-the-scenes featurettes on both films, cast interviews, and of course, the usual trailer galleries. It's a pretty nice package, and while I can't speak on the quality of Tender Flesh just yet, I will say that I'm already glad that I have this disc resting comfortably amongst my DVD collection after watching the first half of it. 6/10.
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