Bio-Zombie (1998)

DVD Cover (Tokyo Shock)
Wilson Yip Wilson Yip
Jordan Chan Jordan Chan
Emotion Cheung Emotion Cheung
Sam Lee Sam Lee
Yiu-Cheung Lai Yiu-Cheung Lai
Angela Ying-Ying Tong Angela Ying-Ying Tong
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6.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Horror Comedy, Zombie Film
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Review by Chad
Added: December 26, 2004
Woody Invincible (Jordan Chan) and Crazy Bee (Sam Lee) are two slackers working at a VCD shop in the mall. When their boss asks them to go pick his car up from the repair shop, they oblige... however, on the way back to the mall, they run into an army guy who was fleeing from the scene of a biological weapon sale. Turns out that he was buying a weapon from the Iraqi's that would turn people into zombies, and they put it in a soda bottle to avoid detection of it. With the man dying in the middle of the road, he tries to warn our heroes about the soda bottle... but Woody misinterprets what he's saying, and thinks that he wanted a drink of the soda. Woody opens it and pours it into his mouth, and after he dies, Woody and Bee put his body in the trunk and head back to the mall. Meanwhile, two beauty-shop working ladies by the name of Jelly (Tara Jayne) and Rolls (Angela Tong Ying-Ying) are hitting up the sushi shop at the mall, where we learn that Loi (Emotion Cheung), the fellow working there, has the hots for Rolls. Rolls is taking advantage of this fact by getting free stuff out of him, and then the two women leave the store and run into Woody and Bee, who are returning to their shop. Eventually, the zombie in the back of the car gets loose and kills somebody, then we have two zombies on our hands... two turns into four, four turns into eight, and we quickly wind up with a mall full of zombies with our two slackers and two ladies teaming up to try and stay alive.

As Kif alluded to in his review, this movie does have a fair amount of comedy involved. In fact, the first half of the movie is almost a pure comedy with little in the way of horror. It sort of works out in a way not unlike that of Shaun Of The Dead... just the right mix of comedy and horror, with both parts working out very nicely. The comedy is actually funny, but when the horror mode kicks in, we wind up with a great little storyline. The movie also does a great job in building up the characters, and manages to get away from the usual "one main character and a lot of zombie fodder" that so many other zombie movies seem to fall into. Each character winds up with ample on screen time to build up that care factor in the audience, which ends up making each death scene more than just another victim... you, the viewer, actually root for the cast, and come away shocked when one of them dies. In fact, each character is built up so well, that it winds up being a total surprise when one of them dies, with only one exception to the rule (you'll see his death coming well in advance).

While the storyline does throw in some unique elements, the main gist of things have been done before in many other zombie films. However, that doesn't hurt the entertainment factor any, as things move along at a brisk pace with very little slowdown or boredom to be found. This is thanks in large parts to the great performances put out by the cast, with the most acclaim going out to our heroes Jordan Chan (Woody Invincible) and Sam Lee (Crazy Bee). Both of these fellows make the transition from wise-cracking losers in the comedy half of the movie to the ass-kicking zombie slayers in the latter part with ease, and both pull it off as convincingly as one could hope for. The rest of the cast certainly doesn't slouch in the quality department, but these two were cast in the lead roles for a damned good reason.

This one is well worth the viewing if enjoyed Shaun Of The Dead, or if you're a fan of zombie films and don't mind the comedy crossover that's becoming more commonplace as of late. Consider this one highly recommended if either of the above apply to you. 10/10.
Review by Christopher
Added: March 08, 2004
Movies that revolve mostly around one place of stay tend to get boring due to the lack of scenery. But this one managed to tickle me pink. 90% of this movie took place in a mall with the cast size of less than fifteen. The main characters being Woody and Bee are joined by two ladies that run a beauty salon, Jelly and Roll. The movie starts off with Woody and Bee having to pick up the bosses' car from a car detailer. When they're driving back to the mall (where they work as VCD sellers) they hit a man holding an important bottle of soda... the soda being able to turn people into zombies. As the two put the guy in their trunk, they carry on back to the mall. The zombie is set loose through out the mall and does his damage.

Your typical zombie happenings occur. When one zombie bites a living person, they become a zombie. The only way to kill a zombie is to shoot them in the brain or remove their head from their body. This flick also shares some comedy. Like when a group of soccer players come into one of the restaurants and the zombie employee hooks them up with finger sushi (a persons finger on a slice of sushi). Also whenever Woody and Bee would make up stories for anyone they got in trouble with. The police, thugs, store owners. They had a ridiculous story for them all.

Another part that grabbed my endorsement was when the group of the zombie killers (Woody, Bee, Jelly, Roll, and two others) had to grab a weapon. Each person was shown in a stance and a bio came up on them. Name, birth date, weapon of choice, idol, ect. It's been done before, but not in this fashion. One more thing would be little video game icons that popped up. Like when Woody went to the security room to unlock something, an emergency key was needed. A little game pixel'd image popped up on the corner of the screen that had a picture of a key with a circle slash through it. And when he picked up a gun and checked the chamber, a 'reload' image popped up.

Blood was shown when it was needed to be shown. Nothing to over the line and nothing to have you ask any questions. The zombies had some nice make-up jobs. They didn't look too different than all the other decent zombie flicks, nor did they have the non-convincing look going on. Like most zombie movies, this one had a simple plot. Zombies have to be killed. The ending is nice and leaves you wondering what happened.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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Tristan #1: Tristan - added 04/25/2006, 11:18 PM
I really wish I hadn't decided to waste valuable time downloading and watching this. It was just horrible. I'm all for zombie movies, and zombie movies with comedy in them, but this was over the top terrible.
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