Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town (1975)

DVD Cover (Retro-Seduction Cinema)
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Overall Rating 57%
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Mary Mendum
Mary Mendum
Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan
Eric Edwards
Eric Edwards
Jamie Gillis
Jamie Gillis
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan
Review by Chad
Added: January 12, 2006
In this "lost" film from Joseph Sarno (going by the DVD cover there as I'm not an expert on Sarno's work), we find out that as the title would lead you to believe, Abigail Leslie (Sarah Nicholson) is back in town. We soon find out that Leslie was a, ahem, free spirit when it came to sex... man or woman, married or single, Abigail probably shacked up with them for an evening or two. We also find out that she had sex with a certain Mr. Gordon (Jamie Gillis), and during this fateful night of love-making, Gordon's wife Priscilla (Rebecca Brooke) walked in on them. Thanks to this, Abigail left the small town of Baypoint for a few years, but she has now returned to start up her old games again. It doesn't take long for her to jump in the sack with Gordon once again, but her lust doesn't end there... she also has a little bit of fun of the adult nature with the town handyman Chester (Eric Edwards), her tomboy'ish neighbor Alice Anne (Chris Jordan), and friends Tracey (Anne Keel) and Lila (Julia Sorel). Of course, word gets back to Priscilla about Abigail's exploits, and as should be expected, she's upset that her husband is cheating on her once again. Her Aunt Drucilla (Jennifer Welles) offers to let her have a little bit of fun of her own with her boyfriend Bo (Sonny Landham), but Priscilla has other plans in mind...

Sarno is one of the greats in the softcore / exploitation genre, and this film is a great example of why he's hailed as such. Most films in the genre follow the same tried-and-true formula: put together a paper-thin plot so that the movie is a small step outside of the porno range, throw in lots of T&A, and repeat the sex scenes for ninety minutes or so. While I've certainly got nothing against watching some hot females show off their bodies, these films do tend to get a bit boring after a while. Thankfully, Sarno shows how well this style of movie can be done, mixing in the obligatory love-making and nudity with an actual storyline that is well thought out and intriguing. Sure, it's not an award-winning storyline, but it did keep me entertained from start to finish and even threw out a few surprises towards the end.

The other thing that I particularly enjoyed about this title was the way that the characters were actually developed prior to being thrown into the bedroom with one another. Most films will give you a very vague distinction to each character ("the slut", "the plumber," etc.), but here, each of the important characters gets a nice dose of development. We're shown why they react to certain things the way that they do, we find out small things about each of them that makes them more memorable, and they each just seem like real people. This definitely made the movie more interesting, and it was only helped by the fact that the actors and actresses playing these parts were, for the most part, great in their roles.

Overall, it's a worthy rental or purchase for fans of either Sarno or the softcore drama genre. There's not a whole lot more than can be said about the title; there's a good storyline which is acted out by some damned talented cast members, there's some neat ideas to be found, and of course, there's plenty of naked women. Plus, if you look in the background during one particular scene, you can see a house that went on to gain a bit of notoriety a few years after this movie was released. Sure, that doesn't have much to do with the quality of the film, but it was interesting to see that and hear about it in the included interview with Sarno. You can't go wrong with that combination in my eyes, and it definitely kept me entertained for the ninety-five'ish minutes of running time. 7/10.
bluemeanie #1: bluemeanie - added 01/13/2006, 01:25 PM
I cannot believe my review of "Brokeback Mountain" came right before a review of a film called "Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town"...no one can say every interest is not represented on this site.
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