Burial Ground: The Nights Of Terror (1981)

DVD Cover (Shriek Show)
Genres: Horror, Zombie Film
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Andrea Bianchi Andrea Bianchi
Karin Well Karin Well
Gianluigi Chirizzi Gianluigi Chirizzi
Simone Mattioli Simone Mattioli
Antonella Antinori Antonella Antinori
Roberto Caporali Roberto Caporali
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Review by Chad
Added: May 16, 2004
A professor is investigating some old caves, and comes across some ancient writings. After prying them out of the walls, the dead start to rise, and apparently, there were quite the few corpses shoved in that cave and on the grounds around it. Meanwhile, some couples are visiting this house for some relaxation and sexing one another up. One of the couples own the grounds, and they were letting the professor do research there.... at least, that was my understanding of it, as it wasn't explained very well. Needless to say, having a lot of people doing the do while, unbeknownst to them, the dead are rising... classic combination there.

Nice zombie movie right here. The storyline is quite simple... there's no trying to find out why the dead are rising, or investigating them, or trying to come up with solutions to the epidemic. No sir, this is just a run / hide / get eaten flick straight through. Unfortunately for the movie though, this did start to get a little boring, as there wasn't a whole lot of variety in the scenes. Also in this storyline, zombies are quite resourceful, as they can use weapons and tools to get to the humans, which was a bit weird, but interesting nonetheless. The only thing about that that bugged me though, was the one zombie who seemed to be an expert knife-thrower. Picking up an axe or a battering ram is one thing, but having that level of coordination was just laughable. Thankfully though, these aren't a huge part of the movie, and are only used sparingly.

Of course, there's loads of zombie killings to be had here, and none of them will disappoint the gorehounds in the audience. The blood and internal organs flow freely, and some of the kills are quite impressive. For example, a woman gets beheaded with a sickle, another woman gets half of her breast bitten off, and another woman gets the classic Zombi 2 treatment with the glass through the eye (done almost exactly like the wood through the eye scene in Zombi 2). The zombies themselves are also nicely done; take a look at the cover above, and most look like that with some variations on each. There was, as seems to be the norm, some scenes where there'd be a mass of zombies, and the background zombies had little makeup going on (or in some cases, none), but again, not a huge deal as it doesn't happen often.

The only main flaw with this movie was the horrid voiceover dubbing. I've seen some bad dubs in my time, but this one easily ranks in the top five worst of all time. The lines and such did stick to the plot of whatever was happening at the time, but the delivery of the lines was what screwed everything up.... in some scenes, there'd be no emotion whatsoever when the character should have been shitting their pants, or at other times, characters would be needlessly screaming and over-acting with the best of them. Not really a fault of the movie itself, but it is a definite drain on the movie-watching experience.

Overall, this movie does deserve a spot in your movie collection if you're a fan of the zombie movies. I wouldn't call it a classic, but it's definitely a good one. 8/10.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 04/20/2006, 02:48 PM
Great movie. Took awhile to find this on torrents, but it was well worth the wait. It's from the same distributor as Zombi 2, and they know a thing or two about zombie flicks, so it's a safe buy if you haven't already seen it.
Zombieboy #2: Zombieboy - added 12/30/2008, 11:02 AM
Good zombie flick. REALLY mean spirited! That dwarf actor that was supposed to be a teen but looked 55...that bugged the crap out of me!
HAVOK2000 #3: HAVOK2000 - added 06/21/2010, 04:53 AM
Long Live Peter Bark!!!
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