2069: A Sex Odyssey (1974)

DVD Cover (Retro-Seduction Cinema DVD Set)
Georg Tressler Georg Tressler
Nina Frederik Nina Frederik
Catharina Conti Catharina Conti
Heidrun Hankammer Heidrun Hankammer
Alena Penz Alena Penz
Gerti Schneider Gerti Schneider
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Genres: Parody / Spoof, Science Fiction, Sex Comedy, Sexploitation
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Review by Chad
Added: January 23, 2006
Five female space aliens from the planet Venus are sent to earth in order to harvest "Spermatazoa" so that their race can survive. You see, Venus is exclusively populated by women who keep a few men in captivity for breeding purposes... but the men are running dry, so these five ladies make a trip to earth in order to gather up a couple thousand gallons of sperm. These ladies (Nina Frederik, Catharina Conti, Heidrun Hankammer, Alena Penz and Gerti Schneider) think that the best way to extract the sperm is by using a bizarre suction / pumping device, similar to something that one would find milking cows in a barn; however, the men in this small Swedish town decide to show these ladies a thing or two about sperm extraction. Although it is a bit odd having five incredibly naive ladies walking around town having sex with any random Joe (or Sven in this case) that crosses their path, these men take comfort in the fact that a French skiing team is practicing for the Olympics nearby, and surely, that must be where these women have come from... right?

Here we have an erotic comedy from West Germany that is actually - get this - funny! Yes, I've read a lot of hate for this movie in my search for information to fill in this movie entry, and although the general opinion that I've found has been negative, I got more than a couple of laughs out of the eighty-minute running time. Whereas most erotic comedies tend to feature gratuitous sex and nudity for the majority of the movie and throw in a few laughs here and there, this one takes the opposite route. Sure, there's a bit of sex, and yes, there's a decent amount of nudity (mostly towards the end)... but the selling point of the film is the comedy, and that's the main focus of the film for the running time. There's a few small subplots that pop up in order to move this along; there's the mayor's wife who saw the UFO land, but is ignored by everyone; there's the sole police officer who is damned near incompetent in his quest for "justice" against these ladies; and of course, there's the women themselves, who are forced to find more fashionable clothes in order to conceal their identities. This includes, but is not limited to, the theft of a nun's habit, the stealing of the aforementioned police officers uniform, and the snatching of a bumbling idiot's coat and pants. It may not sound all that funny as you read it, but the execution of it all is quite good in a slapstick comedy sort of way.

As mentioned, the comedy far outweighs the eroticism in this film, but don't let that fool you; there's plenty of nudity from some insanely hot Swedish girls to be found here. While the amount of such may be disappointing for those of you spoiled by the modern erotic comedies from Seduction Cinema and the like, there should be enough to keep most of the fans of that sort of material happy. And of course, what would the film be without the obligatory alien lesbian scene to cap things off? Indeed, it's delivered, and while it is a bit tame compared to today's offerings, it was still an entertaining scene.

Retro-Seduction Cinema is releasing a double feature DVD next month which contains this movie (obviously) and Run, Virgin, Run. While I haven't watched Run, Virgin, Run yet and therefore can't comment on the quality of it, this movie alone makes the package worth a viewing. You can't go wrong with some truly funny scenes, loads of hot Swedish blondes baring it all, and a German dance scene (complete with suspenders and accordions) that breaks down into an all-out brawl over the attention of these Venusians. 8/10.
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