Run, Virgin, Run (1970)

VHS Cover (Retro-Seduction Cinema)
Genres: Comedy, Sex Comedy
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Hans Billian Hans Billian
Joav Jasinski Joav Jasinski
Maria Brockerhoff Maria Brockerhoff
Helga Tölle Helga Tölle
Michaela Martin Michaela Martin
Regina Walther Regina Walther

5.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: February 03, 2006
In the small German town of Vögershausen, long before the days of STD's and Planned Parenthood, the families of the town found it in their best interest to have as many children as possible to ensure that the town would continue to grow. The odd thing about this town is that all of the young women have married men that are old enough to be their fathers, but with the help of a magical "wind" known as the faun, the men are able to have sex all night and produce child after child. What we soon find out, however, is that while the men are out soaking up the faun, the local blacksmith Michael (Joav Jasinski) is taking care of the ladies of the town. Yes, the faun was dreamed up by one of these ladies in order to get the men out of town every so often, and Michael is actually the father to all of these children running around. Things get interesting when a prude population official decides to check into this legend and finds himself acting rather odd towards his secretary. Things get even more interesting when Michael falls in love with the mayor's daughter Gaby (Helga Tölle) and has to choose between continuing to act as the faun or marrying his one true love.

This movie rounded out the other half of the recent Retro-Seduction Cinema 2069: A Sex Odyssey double-feature, and as such, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it due to the fact that bonus feature films rarely amount to much and usually only serve to pad out a release. However, now that the credits have finished rolling, I found that I actually enjoyed this movie more than the feature presentation of the disc. The reason for this is that Run, Virgin, Run is actually quite funny, and while the storyline does revolve around sex, these scenes do not take up a whole lot of the running-time. Sure, there's enough female flesh (especially from the ultra-hot Helga Tölle) to keep the men happy, but the selling point to the film is the comedy, and this is delivered in ample amounts.

The storyline takes a number of twists and turns as the running-time passes by, and each little twist just adds to the comedy. It all starts out so simply; the women married these men for their money, but need some satisfaction from a younger man. The man gets to have sex with every woman in town, the husbands have no clue, and all is good. The awkward scenarios arise when the mayor decides to open this faun up to the public as a tourist attraction for impotent men and the ladies feel threatened at the prospect of countless women taking their secret away from them. Going to great lengths to keep the secret away from their husbands proves to be quite the comedic effort from all involved, and when Michael falls in love with Gaby and the women once again feel threatened at the idea of another woman taking "their" man... well, it definitely pulls more than a couple of laughs.

If you're in the mood for a nice situational comedy, this double-feature DVD would definitely be one to check out. The aforementioned 2069: A Sex Odyssey is also included, and while that movie is quite enjoyable, the bonus film is just as good and even a bit better in some ways. 8/10.
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