Porn Star: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy (2001)

DVD Cover (Docurama Unrated)
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Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy offers audiences a penetrating look inside the world of Ron Jeremy, America's most unlikely sex star and hero to millions. With nearly 25 years in the adult film industry and over 1,600 films to his credit, Ron Jeremy is huge. In his world, Ron reigns supreme-he's made millions of dollars and slept with thousands of beautiful women, and is indisputably the industry's biggest star. And everyone who's anyone knows Ron-a pop icon to millions, he is a beacon of hope for many American male, since he stands as living proof that pretty much anyone can get some. So how did such a classically unhandsome, big and hairy guy ever get to be such a super stud? In one of the most fascinating and entertaining comedies of the last year, audiences finally get a chance to get inside the life and times of Ron Jeremy, and find out what's really behind the hardest working man in show business. --IMDb
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
William Margold
William Margold
Al Goldstein
Al Goldstein
Al Lewis
Al Lewis
Seymore Butts
Seymore Butts
Review by Chad
Added: February 17, 2006
Ron Jeremy. The man that is, ahem, larger than life, star of over a thousand porno flicks, envied by men worldwide, wanted around the world by the ladies, and... a normal guy? Yes, that is the message behind tonight's documentary, and it gives some surprising insight into Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy's life. It begins with his pre-porn career (a special-education teacher), shows how he got into the business of pornography, and ends with his future goal of being a mainstream actor... and of course, it details everything that goes on between those two points in his life. The tale is told by the man himself, through both interviews recorded for the documentary and through clips from his various films (the majority of which aren't pornographic and none of which are hardcore in nature).

This movie paints Jeremy as a fun-loving, easy-going guy with a great outlook on life. Honestly, how could someone in Ron's position not feel that way; after all, he gets paid to have sex with beautiful women, and as a result, he's known by millions of people worldwide. However, this movie is not a case of "Look how great I have it!", but instead, a look at a man who has it made but wants to move on to other things. You see, Ron fully admits that he enjoys making X-rated movies, but he'd also like to leave that behind to work on serious, mainstream films. He studied theater in college, and even before getting into the porno business, the man wanted to entertain on stage. The stigma of being a porno star is attached to his name, however, and other than bit-parts in b-movies, he can't catch a break in Hollywood. It also details his love life (or lack of one) in one particular segment, and you can't help but feel sorry for the guy in a way. Sure, he's banged more women than small towns have populations, but he hasn't had a girlfriend in over a decade. That's sure to make any guy lonely, and Jeremy is no exception as this segment goes on to reveal. That's the general feel of the movie as a whole; yes, he has it great what with all of the ladies and such, but really, he's just a normal guy with real desires... and sadly, his life-long profession has overshadowed that to all but his closest friends.

I said above that this movie is not a case of "Look how great I have it!", but on the other hand, it's not a "Woe is me" documentary either. There's plenty of scenes showing how great Ron's outlook on life is and how he's actually a really nice person. Even when a female porn star claims that she would not have sex with him for a particular movie due to his appearance, he takes it all in stride and with a smile on his face. Things like that have to make a guy feel bad, but (outwardly, at least) he shrugs it off and carries on with his day. We also get to see some of Ron's talents outside of the sex industry; for example, we find out that he is a damned fine piano player, he's an accomplished martial artist, and he's also a very articulate, intelligent, and overall funny guy. At times, he really seems out of place in his chosen profession; he certainly doesn't have the look of a porn star, he doesn't smoke, drink, or do drugs, and he's a really nice guy. Yet, there he is, one of the most famous porn stars in history.

Of course, Jeremy is the main focus of the film, and as such, his interviews and conversations with Scott J. Gill take up the majority of the running time. Also included in the feature film are segments with Ron's (physicist) father and sister, fellow porn stars Seymore Butts and Jenna Jameson, various friends (including Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis and Kid Rock), and a slew of other people who move in and out of his life. There's also some discussions from guys who really have it out for Ron, including Al Goldstein (Screw Magazine) and Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine). It's never explained why these two have some a grudge with Ron, but their derogatory comments towards Ron are included with no sort of rebuttal from Ron. They almost seem out of place, actually, considering their awkward inclusions; we see them and then move on to the next thing with no real mention of them. Overall though, the movie moves along at a nice pace and never hits either of the extremes that biographical documentaries usually do; this isn't eighty minutes of Ron showing off how he lives the great life, and it isn't eighty minutes of complaints from him. It's just a tale of a normal guy who found his way into an extraordinary position in life, and the presentation given by this film does it justice.

Worth a viewing if you're interested in the man himself, but it's also a nice character study for those of you who believe that all porn stars are druggies and illiterate high-school dropouts. It's an entertaining and insightful film, and you'll never look at him the same way again... even when you watch him banging that smoking-hot blonde that just became legal last week. 8/10.
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