Fancy Lady (1971)

DVD Cover (Retro-Seduction Cinema DVD Set)
Nick Millard Nick Millard
Uschi Digard Uschi Digard
Lynn Harris Lynn Harris
Barbara Mills Barbara Mills
George Peters George Peters
Starlyn Simone Starlyn Simone

4.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Sexploitation, Softcore Sex Film
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Review by Chad
Added: February 26, 2006
Karin Nykquist (Uschi Digard) is a writer who has been sent from her place of employment in Copenhagen to San Francisco in order to write an article comparing the sexual climates of the two cities. Her first stop is a grindhouse theater, where she watches a movie with two young lesbians in thigh-high boots going at it in a park. After watching this movie, she goes to visit a couple who had recently visited Copenhagen, and finds out that the two left their front door open and are in the process of making love in the upstairs bedroom. Karin watches the whole thing, and then returns home to take care of her own built-up tension.

Tonight's movie runs just shy of fifty-four minutes, yet it only features the aforementioned three scenes. There's a few scenes that lead into these highlights of the film, but these are nothing more than Uschi walking around San Francisco while we listen to the narrator talk about the sights and sounds of the city. It was quite entertaining to see the differences between the modern and early-seventies San Francisco, especially in regards to how open the adult business was back then. It seems as though every other store lining the street was an adult movie theater, a strip-club, or a peep-show establishment. Again, it's quite interesting to see how the city was back then, but these scenes are kept short and sweet and never overstay their welcome.

Of course, the real highlight of the movie is the sex, and the main attraction is the inclusion of Uschi Digard. Uschi, in case you weren't aware, is an actress whose figure (44-26-35, all natural) made her one of the most popular ladies of softcore back in the sixties and seventies. According to IMDb (which is actually missing a few of her titles, this one included), she appeared in a staggering 109 movies between 1968 and 1979. Think about that for a moment... that averages out to almost ten movies per year over the course of eleven years. Anyone who wants to use the tag of "hardest working [person] in show-business" should definitely take a look at this ladies career.

Back to the subject at hand, Uschi plays a pretty small role in this film until her scene at the end. As the first two scenes play out, she pretty much takes a back-seat to the action and does nothing more than snap a few pictures while the narrator talks about the ongoing events. We do watch her walk around San Francisco in a few short scenes, but overall, she doesn't do a whole lot throughout the majority of the film. The first two scenes run for about twenty minutes each, and while they do tend to get a bit tedious to get through after a while, you can't help but notice the attention that Nick Millard (aka Nick Phillips) paid to the details. There's some interesting camera-shots to be found, and the park that the two lesbians go at it in is quite the nice backdrop for the scene. I also found that it was pretty amusing to watch the cat rub up against the man and woman in the second scene... that's definitely not something that you see very often. Nick seemed to have a bit of a shoe / boot and lingerie fetish during the shooting of this movie, and it's pretty apparent in the first two scenes, but it definitely shows in the final scene with Uschi. Those of you who are into that sort of thing will definitely enjoy watching the method (and object) that Uschi chose to get herself off with.

The upcoming Uschi Digard: The Buxom Bombshell Collection release from Retro-Seduction Cinema features another Uschi film entitled Dirty Pool, as well as a segment by adult film historian 42nd Street Pete who goes into detail about this film, Uschi, and the adult market in general during the seventies. As always, the man is extremely informative and interesting to listen to... he really should get a DVD of his own one of these days to give a nice overview of the history of adult cinema. Finally, there's an Uschi 8mm loop and a trio of trailers for other Uschi films. I haven't watched the second film yet (expect a review soon), but overall, fans of Uschi should enjoy this release of previously-unavailable films starring this lovely lady. 6/10.
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