The Homegrown Collection (2006)

DVD Cover (Hollymood Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 61%
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Dan Grazier
Dan Grazier
Luke Hadley
Luke Hadley
Dexter Mowatt
Dexter Mowatt
Rico Roman
Rico Roman
Review by Chad
Added: April 24, 2006
Did you enjoy Jackass: The Movie (or the television show)? How about Viva La Bam, Wildboyz, or the slew of other shows that share the same basic premise? If your answer to those two questions was "No", then I'll save you the time it takes to read this review: you'll definitely want to skip this video. If, however, you enjoy this sort of thing (I do, personally), then there is some damned good / disturbing / sick stuff to be found in this release.

The clips found here come from ten groups of like-minded individuals, and while I've never heard of any of them, I thought that it was only fair to credit them in this review. So, without further adieu, the groups are:

The Trailer Park Mafia
Short Bus
Ghost Monkeys of Chaos
Extreme Harma
Muppets Video
Death Versus Luke Hadley
Dan G.

One of the groups (Ghost Monkey, I believe, although I could be mistaken) showcases nothing but skateboarding tricks and accidents, while Death Versus Luke Hadley features a slew of backyard wrestling clips. Dan G. has to be the sickest fellow found on this disc; in one scene, he places about a dozen thumbtacks face-up on the floor, lays down with his face inches above them, and allows another guy to stomp his face down into them. He hammers a nail through his fingernail, uses a power-drill to insert a screw into his arm, staples beer cans to his face, and many other equally disturbing things during his alloted time on the release.

The rest of the groups featured here follow the Jackass theme closer than the aforementioned people. Each group specializes in performing painful (and downright gross) stunts for the camera, such as the guy who pukes into a bowl before drinking it back down, the lad who allows a piranha to bite him on the nose, and the group who decides that smoking dog hair wrapped in notebook paper would give them a better buzz than smoking a pile of scabs (both are eventually smoked). Gentlemen get sprayed with mace, one poor soul is tricked into eating a "brownie" that is actually shit, and there's more than one person set on fire. Sound like fun yet?

Now then, as I mentioned at the start of this review, I enjoy this kind of stuff. It's morbid curiosity on my part, the same sort of curiosity that compels me to watch those old "Faces Of Death" videos every now and again; the material is disgusting, it's stupid, and it really has no artistic value whatsoever. However, I still enjoyed every one of the seventy'ish minutes that the feature presentation ran, and I also stuck around for the thirty minutes worth of bonus features. In a way, the material here was even better than some of the more mainstream stuff (ie, Jackass); sure, Jackass may have some more original stunts, and yes, some of the stuff found here took more than a little "inspiration" from the show, but Jackass always felt too planned and "safe" for yours truly. I'm not saying that Johnny Knoxville getting kicked in the balls was painless, but I never really felt that he or his cohorts were in any sort of danger with the stunts that they did. I can not say the same for some of the stunts found here, so if that's your thing, you'll definitely enjoy this disc.

You either enjoy this type of material or you don't... there's really no middle ground to it. If you happen to reside on the former side of those two choices, you can watch a couple of trailers and / or purchase the movie at Hollymood's site. As I've mentioned a few times in this review, I just so happen to enjoy the material, and I found that this release was well worth the asking price. 8/10.
bluemeanie #1: bluemeanie - added 04/24/2006, 03:39 PM
Thank you for warning me in advance that I would hate this DVD...not that I would ever rent one that had the infamous "Jackass" logo on the front cover, but thanks anyways for the heads-up -- I really dodged a bullet here.
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