Christina's House (2000)

DVD Cover (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Thriller
A girl walks up to a big, old house to sell cookies. She gets murdered. A 16 y.o. cute girl has just moved in there with her dad and annoying brother. She hears strange noises in the house. Is there someone else there? --IMDb
Gavin Wilding Gavin Wilding
Brendan Fehr Brendan Fehr
Brad Rowe Brad Rowe
Allison Lange Allison Lange
John Savage John Savage
Lorne Stewart Lorne Stewart

4.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: January 31, 2004
Christina lives at home with her father, James, and her brother Bobby. Pops is always working, so Christina is in charge of watching Bobby most of the time. She starts to hear some strange noises in the attic and such, and starts getting scared. However, nobody will listen to her, even after someone dies as a result... Her boyfriend thinks that Howie, the local handyman, is behind all of it, and Howie thinks it's just the house settling or something.

Pretty decent movie... kinda like a slightly more mature Scream. More mature, as in, it's not about racking up a ton of bodies, but telling more of a story to go along with a few killings. Entertaining movie, even with Father being a little.... uh, "too interested" in his daughter.

Want a spoiler? Read on if so, or skip over this paragraph if not. So the killer had some secret rooms built into the main chicks house. He could get in and out without anyone knowing, lived in there, had all kinda shit setup. He got by by saying he was the repair man, fixing up the house since they had just bought it. Pops talks to the landlord, landlord says "uhh.... we never sent anyone out to do that". Pops races home, realizing that the handyman is the one that's been killing everyone off. Dad opens the front door, booby trap! Cut-scene to the killer guy, he pulls some cord or some shit. The floor in front of the front door opens, Daddy dearest falls through, into a circle of buzz saw blades...... like, five wooden poles from the floor to the ceiling, with tons of blades sticking out, together enough to where pops is stuck in the middle. Very excellent scene right there.

However, the ending was a bit strange and made no sense to me. I mean, I understood what they were trying to explain and such, but why was this happening? Why was this person doing this? This could have done with a bit more explaining, but I digress.

For the price on amazon ($1.50) as of the time I stole the cover picture, it's worth a checkout if you're into flicks such as this.

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