Creepy Crawlers (2000)

DVD Cover (Twentieth Century Fox)
Ellory Elkayem Ellory Elkayem
Thomas Calabro Thomas Calabro
Dean Stockwell Dean Stockwell
John Savage John Savage
Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton
Tom McBeath Tom McBeath

5.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres / Traits: Horror, Natural Horror, Insects
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Review by Chad
Added: April 05, 2004
Ben is a doctor at the local hospital. A gunshot victim comes in, and Ben is in charge of the surgery deal. He gets nervous during the surgery, and his hand starts shaking violently, so he turns the surgery over to another doctor. The boss lady comes out and tells him he needs some time off, and puts him on mandatory leave. Ben decides to go over to a local island, where he has a house waiting. On the ferry ride over, he meets up with Jack, who isn't too fond of the fact that Ben bought his family's house from Jack's father. When Ben arrives to the island, everyone is pretty dickish towards him, since they don't like mainlanders. He takes it all in stride, goes home, and decides to read a book to pass the time. Whilst reading, he notices a bug crawling on the floor, and kills it. Another follows it, which is a bit too quick for ol' Ben. Our hero chases said bug through the house, opens the fridge, and finds loads of them infesting his chicken dinner. The number of bugs starts to increase in the town, people start dying, and we have a movie.

Pretty nice made for TV movie right here. Not sure what channel got the rights to it first (I'm guessing Sci-Fi, just a hunch), but it was pretty nicely done and was a bit gorier than I would have expected. There wasn't loads and piles of gore, but some nice scenes nonetheless; for example, a person puking up their organs and some blood, with bugs mixed into the whole mess. Not something I would have expected to see on television, but it was a welcome suprise. The plotline was pretty solid, and although there were a few silly moments that could have been changed, nothing was overly stupid. The cast was decent enough, except for some of the town locals; however, the ones who didn't do all that great also didn't get alot of on-screen time, so it all worked out.

The bugs themselves were nicely done, I thought. They used a mixture of real bugs and CGI effects for the various scenes, and in most of the scenes, it's hard to tell which was being used at the time. Some scenes were pretty obviously special effects, but not many. Some nice twists were given to the bugs, which was revealed around the three-fourths mark of the movie. I won't spoil them here, but it was pretty nice. The closing scene was also decent enough.

The only real gripe I had with this movie was that some of the scenes, especially in the beginning, really could have used a bit more light. They weren't intended to be overly dark, I don't think, but it was quite hard to make out alot of the picture without adjusting the brightness on my TV. The sound could have also used a bit of work, as it would be at one volume for the most part, but some scenes would have a pretty low volume and required bumping the volume way up to catch everything. Thankfully, both of these problems were scarce and only happened in the first couple of scenes.

I think this one gets a nice 6/10.
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