The Ninja-Thon Collection (2011)

DVD Cover (Switchblade Pictures)
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If a ninja's greatest weapon is to be unseen, prepare to meet three ladies who need some serious remedial ninja education. Because by the time this over the top (and out of their tops) trilogy of Kunoichi films is finished, there'll be very little of them that the entire nation of Japan hasn't seen. First up, a lovely ninja must choose between sacrificing her lover and using her body as her masters command, or forsaking her vows and being outcast forever in Ninja She-Devil! Then, it's hard enough being a teenager, but being a 19-year-old ninja with an impossible assignment is even worse! Sora's so new to the ninja game she barely knows which end of a ninjaken to stick her sheath on, but when she's given the job of eliminating a rising shaman, she slinks forth to do her duty in I Was A Teenage Ninja! And finally, a female ninja on the run finds herself taken in at a temple where nothing is as it seems and other girls keep disappearing. It's a deadly web of slavery and deception ahead in Ninjaken: The Naked Sword! --Amazon
Included In This Collection
Ninja She-Devil Ninjaken: The Naked Sword I Was A Teenage Ninja
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